Guest Authors Of HellBound Bloggers – November 2010

We are back with the “Guest Authors” post again. This month, HBB got 10 cool guest authors, some of them new to the community (‘Hi’ to them :P). Though the figure is somewhat low when compared with October and September, we are quite happy with it since we updated our Guest Blogging policies and rules last month.

We restricted the topics related to Tech News, Website/Software/Gadget reviews and some other posts. For full rules, kindly check our Guest Blogging page. If you are going to contribute an article here or thinking whether to contribute or not, you can check these excellent posts (LOL, these posts are guest posts indeed! :D)

#1 – Guest Blogging: So Why Should You Care?

#2 – You Blog. Should You Guest Blog?

#1 – Irfan Siddiqui : Irfan Siddiqui, blogs at RealTimeTricks and Movie Fridays. The blog deals with blogging tips, tech news, gadget review and other updates.

Article : Top 3 HTML Editors With Instant Preview

#2 – Jasmine : Jasmine is an experienced web developer and web consultant. She is also the chief editor at Best Web Host – a web hosting review and resources website.

Article : 4 Best Pagination Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

#3 – Karan Labra : Karan is the Editor-in-Chief and Owner of A fun loving guy Aspiring to become a graphic designer and striving to become the coolest geek.

Article : 4 Simple Tips To Make Your Blog A RockStar

#4 – Isha Singh : Isha Singh is the Editor-in-Chief and Owner of Cyber World. She is a technical blogger and writer specializing in blogging tips, seo and tutorials.

Article : 10+ Useful Android Applications For Webmasters

#5 – Kothapally Arun : Kothapally Arun Kumar Reddy is an internet marketer of Xcubelabs and an occasional blogger.

Article : Top 5 Android Application Development Books

#6 – Selena Narayanasamy : Selena Narayanasamy loves all things technology, blogging, social media and caffeine. You can find her writing on her social/tech website Esvienne.

Article : The Mile High Text Club Contest

#7 – Jane Sheeba : Jane Sheeba passionately write articles since 2007. I am featured at Ezine Articles as a Platinum level author.

Article : HOW TO: Brand Your Blog With Unique Content

#8 – Prateek Prateek is a technology blogger and he is the owner of TheTechnoclub.

Article : Steganography — The Art Of Hiding Using DOS Commands

#9 – Amit Banerjee : Amit Banerjee writes a tech blog on computers, software and web applications at

Article : What You Should Do When Other Bloggers Steal Your Website’s Design

#10 – Tech Maish : Tech Maish is a guest blogging and adsense revenue sharing blog. Where bloggers can write about blogging, social media and technology.

Article : 5 Reasons Why Computer Users Still Use Windows XP

If you wish to be a part of HBB, you can become a guest author by contributing Guest Posts. Do check ‘Join HBB’ and Guest Blogging Rules. Cheers.

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  1. Guest blogging forms a community of bloggers for each blog itself… Other than that it beneficial for both the sides.

  2. wow….bro, you have a whole list of guest blogger it seems…

    great going…..bro…..

  3. I really liked Amit’s Article. It was a unique thing to discuss upon. Hoping to see more guest posts from him 🙂

  4. hi pradeep, guest posts of HBB were really awesome. and specially from karan, jasmine, isha, arun, jane, amit, tech maish were very informative. thanks for offering us such nice posts all the month. i hope we will get such posts all the time.

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