Guess What My Office Has In Common With The Burj Khalifa And HMS Queen Mary II

Air conditioning! And not just Burj Khalifa and HMS Queen Mary II, but also Emirates Palace Hotel (Abu Dhabi), 9 out of 15 Common Wealth Games Stadiums, Emirates Mall, F1 Track of UAE, Hong Kong Airport and many such famous locations across the world.

New Voltas All Weather Smart AC

Gone are the days, when Air Conditioners were considered a mark of luxury, enjoyed only by the upper class families globally. This century, the growing economy and the rapid change in technology, has Air Conditioners making their way into more households than ever. Today AC’s are not just any luxurious item, but a necessity in modern living considering the ever changing climatic conditions and global warming, that we are constantly warned about. Obviously the newer generation is smarter, they don’t just want the exterior looks but also the health benefits, energy efficiency markings and over that “A Smarter and Easier Way” to use the product they purchase. Then may it be a laptop, a television, a smart phone, a refrigerator or for that matter any other electronic device, the above factors most definitely contribute towards the final decision making.

As a smart, well-informed shopper for an Air Conditioner, I was looking for something that offered all the above mentioned and more. Well, here’s presenting my newfound pride and joy. Voltas, which happens to be the first company worldwide to launch an All Weather Smart AC, suitable to every environmental condition, may it be the freezing temperatures of Kashmir, or the soaking humidity of Chennai, or the dustiness of Rajasthan to the heat waves of Delhi. What more could I ask for in an AC, if it already has the ability to tackle the great dramatic Indian weather.

Yes It’s Hot!! Yes It’s Cool!! and Yes It’s inevitably very Smart!!

Selecting an air-conditioner for your office is a big decision. With rising humidity levels, beating the heat can be tough, and that means unstoppable utilization of an air-conditioning unit. Given the high temperatures prevalent, our body tends to fight to maintain its balance, hence there is bodily fatigue, and our mind tends to get more stressed than it ideally should. While on the other side, a cool environment is known to be beneficial in combating respiratory problems. Not only does it make you feel calm and relaxed, but also energetic.

Voltas All Weather Smart AC Explain

So to keep the employees happy and calm throughout the year, I thought of surprising them with something Cool, Hot and Smart! The All Weather Smart Air-Conditioner comes with the new insta-cool compressor, that enables cooling within minutes even at extreme temperatures and takes care of humidity at all levels. Also, it’s Super Dust Guard ensure that the quality of air being circulated within the room is pure, clean and fresh in dusty conditions. The ‘Intelligent Heating’ feature keeps the room warm and comfortable even during extreme winters.

The All NEW Smart Phone Remote Technology! In the current scenario no Smart technology can be established without the use of a Smart Phone App. The Voltas All Weather Smart AC, making no exception, comes with a smart Remote App. The App works on smart phones with Android Kitkat 4.4, and above Operating System with a built-in infrared port. It comes with advanced features such as ‘Smart Sense’ (where it reads the weather outside and recommends the best mode of operation), ‘Smart Tips’ (Offers tips on usage, thus helping one understand the features of AC and benefits that can be derives out of them), and ‘Power Usage’ feature that helps estimate the electricity bill, and also sets a threshold for power consumption.

Additionally, one can Download Voltas All Weather AC Remote App from Google Play Store.

What else influenced my decision?

Effective Energy Conservation: Voltas was honored with National Energy Conservation Award, for their continuous approach to build energy efficient products. Voltas All Weather Smart AC’s maximize savings by about 63% when compared with the competitive range. Dedicated Customer Service: Apart from its International presence, and savings on power consumption benefit, Voltas has over 10,000 Distribution points all over India. Voltas Customer Support Team is available 24*7 for any assistance required, and their finance option is great as well. Voltas provides a 0% interest Finance Facility (no down payment or extra hidden cost and processing fee).

Well, I’m a tough customer (so say my friends and colleagues), and yet I believe I’ve found the best AC available to suit the needs of my office. At present, I’m happy with my decision and I know this feeling is going to last for a while. If you are seeking long term benefits, while in the process of purchasing an Air-conditioner, I highly recommend you to google “Voltas All Weather Smart AC”, before you even consider any other product in the similar category.

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