Google Engage — Free Online Training & Course Material

The Google Engage for Agencies programme offers the training and support that you will need to help your clients benefit from Google AdWords. Get free training, marketing tools, and coupons that will help you acquire new customers. Participation in the Google Engage program is free. This program is ideal for:

  • Digital advertising and marketing agencies.
  • Webmasters and web developers.
  • Any individual or business that helps other businesses succeed online.

Benefits — Google Engage Program

#1 – Free AdWords vouchers* : You can now easily attract new clients with free advertising vouchers worth Rs. 2,500.

#2 – Targeted education : Watch cool webinars, videos, and tutorials deigned just for you.

#3 – Google Certification help : Get training and vouchers to help you become Certified.

#4 – Promotional Materials : Access ready-made collateral to get your clients informed

Google Engage has already helped thousands of businesses and individuals around the globe establish great business opportunities, so are you ready for it?

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Pradeep Kumar

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11 thoughts on “Google Engage — Free Online Training & Course Material”

  1. Hi Pradeep,
    thank you for sharing the info, but I think it is useless as all free cheese, you basically waste your time as google would not give you technics to be the first one.
    Regards. Pathan

    1. Bligbook,

      Wouldn’t get too excited about google’s training. Judging by what they try to teach people in the online adwords learning center. They’ll show you how to do everything exactly WRONG. Seems like they want to teach people the worst way to set up an adwords acct .. Cuz it makes google the most money. Really sad … like most megacorps Google can never have enough money.

      I’m sure this engage program is more of the same. Probably worth sitting through the nonsense training though. Just to get the free adwords vouchers.

  2. I was just knowing about point 1 i.e. free coupons. Thanks for the rest. Will have to look at it.

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