HOW TO: Make Google As Personal Finance Advisor

Google Advisor Before going to the main topic, let us recollect who is a Finance Advisor first. A financial adviser or financial advisor, is a professional who renders financial services to individuals, businesses and governments.

This can involve investment advice, which may include pension planning, and/or advice on life insurance and other insurances such as income protection insurance, critical illness insurance etc., and/or advice on mortgages. (Definition via Wikipedia)

And what Google has to do with it? Simple, they launched a personal finance comparison tool – Google Advisor. You can check the below video to know more about this tool.

Google Advisor is not like another search engine thing, it is actually a comparison engine.

This tool allows you to check the rates for mortgages, credit cards, CDs, checking accounts and savings accounts. It provides a list of financial instruments that meets your search criteria.

Google Advisor makes it easy to find financial offers from multiple providers, compare them side by side, and apply online. In short, they help you to make financial decisions.

What do you think about this new tool? Will they really help us to make better financial decisions?

6 thoughts on “HOW TO: Make Google As Personal Finance Advisor”

  1. Sounds Interesting!

    I have never heard about it! But your article is really showcasing the feature of appointing a Google as financial advisor 😉

    I will try it to learn it first, thanks for the share! 🙂

  2. I heard about this tool but haven't yet got time to try it out. Not sure, if it will be that good when there are lots of other free tools already available on this subject.


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