Getting Good Traffic, But Still Poor Alexa Rank? Why?

We are back to another question asked by our reader; this is a kind of interesting one, and if you are following ranking system you’ll also have the same query.

“Getting Good Traffic, But Still Poor Alexa Rank.”

I’m sure you compare your Alexa rank with other websites (at least I did during my initial journey), and you’ll be wondering how come that website is having good Alexa rank even though it gets low traffic than yours.


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This is the exact question I got via WhatsApp, I gave him a brief answer but this question prompted me to write a blog post about this. Not because of ‘yet another article’, but even I had the same question for several ‘years’.

“My blog posting frequency maintained properly, and we are getting good traffic, but this Alexa rank is improving one day, and then again, it automatically goes down. Why? :(” – Ganesh, Chennai.

I guess before answering this question, we have to understand how exactly Alexa works I guess. Because it’s not an exact traffic estimation tool, because it doesn’t have any access to our website (unless we keep their widget, which is again a questionable thing). I pinged Alexa support and also came across a blog post where they explained some of the FAQs.

Good Traffic Poor Rank Alexa

Understanding Alexa: How Their Traffic Ranks Work?

How Alexa Traffic Ranks Determined
(Via The Alexa Blog)

They have this “proprietary methodology” to rank your website. This metric doesn’t see your daily traffic alone, which most people think how it works, but instead they combine your website’s average of daily unique visitors and number of page views over the past three months. So this is how they see how popular your website is, and accordingly they give you a rank every day.

Good Traffic But Poor Alexa Rank?

Good Traffic But Poor Alexa Rank
(Via The Alexa Blog)

Unlike Domain and Page Authority or Trust and Citation Flow, this metric doesn’t really focus on your website alone for giving you a rank. They rank your website relative to all the other websites in the world. Or in their better terms:

A good analogy is running a race. Let’s say you run a race today and finish in 3rd place. If you race again tomorrow and have a faster time, you could still finish in 4th place if three other people run faster than you. Even though you ran fast, your ‘ranking’ got worse because other people moved even more quickly.

I guess now you must have understood how exactly works and how exactly you should work on improving your rank. If you have any issues, do kindly let us know your queries in the comments below, we’ll help you out.


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12 thoughts on “Getting Good Traffic, But Still Poor Alexa Rank? Why?”

  1. Hey Pradeep, Awesome article. I did not think like this. Yes, if my competitors are faster than me, even if I have good number of visitors, I cannot rank better. Your article is an eye opener.

  2. Hey Pradeep,

    This is one question many bloggers actually struggle to get the answer for. All the FAQ answers and the interlinked articles will come handy to resolve this query.

    Thanks for sharing the information. Take care and have a great day ahead 🙂

  3. This is good information about alexa, many people are having issue with this and this will definitely help to many new bloggers.

  4. My case is actually the reverse of this post. I have a high alexa rank but yet the traffic is nothing to talk about.. I don’t really know what’s wrong but I will be glad if you can enlighten me on what’s really happening.

  5. I use alexa to get a rough idea about competitor sites, never really cared about the rank except for in the initial period. I am sure this will help clear the doubts for bloggers who are worried about the whole alexa ranking thing.

  6. I expected much more from the post, even the tricks to improve the alexa rank as well, if you have a post about that already can be please redirect me to that particular post.

    However, thanks for the explanation of how alexa works.


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