Get Your Digital Marketing Recommendations Implemented

Any expert can be frustrated when they’re hired as an expert in a certain field only to learn that their clients think that they know better. It is even worse to see your recommendations implemented poorly or not at all yet the client wants to see significant results at the end of the month. Sometimes, the client may simply pretend he did not hear and other times there can be other reasons for not implementing all the recommendations such as inadequate resources or lack of time, high cost associated with the recommendations or even unavailability of experts.


5 Basic Tips For Maintaining Good Client/Customer Relationships

Whichever the case, if you follow the suggestions below, you can proactively ensure that your clients will implement your recommendations.

Digital Marketing Recommendations

Digital Marketing Recommendations

1. Understand Your Client And The Company’s Culture

This involves putting yourself in your client’s shoes and trying to assimilate the company’s culture. Ensure you involve him or her from the very beginning of your engagement so you can win his trust. Empathizing with the client will ensure that all his interests are taken into account, and this helps ensure support during the implementation phase in the long run.

2. Education

If you want your recommendations implemented, then you need to educate the client on the benefits of SEO and the impact it can have on the business. Ensure you have a back-up of trusted resources you can use to educate the client e.g. on reasons your website could be penalized by Google. Update him or her with your strategies and tactics you plan to use and the benefits the business will get from implementing each. You can also show the client some case studies of how your recommendations have had a positive impact on other clients. This helps to build more trust and, as a result, the client will be more inclined to implement all your recommendations.

3. Be Willing To Admit Mistakes When Necessary

Most clients will want to work with a digital marketing agency that is real and not one that thinks it knows how to fix everything. As an expert, you don’t know all the details of the business so never pretend that you actually do. Don’t pretend to have all the answers just to give an impression of false confidence but instead, you should recognize your potential to make mistakes. Doing this will help you build trust and confidence with the client.

However, admitting to too many mistakes on the other hand can be detrimental to credibility. So you should seek to minimize your mistakes by all means. This includes bidding on jobs that are specifically within your agency’s set of specialities and bringing in the right experts especially if they want you to provide other services such as a responsive web development in Sydney or their local area.

4. Know How To Deal With Difficult Partners And Internal Politics

In most cases, difficult partners and internal politics usually have a big impact on the implementation of recommendations. In some cases, it might actually take months or even a year to get approval. For this reason, learning how to overcome these constraints is important as a digital marketing agency. For example, you can include a clause in your contract stating that your agency will not be responsible if the client fails to implement your recommendations and doesn’t get results.

5. Discuss The Roles And Responsibilities Of Each Party

Since you will be working with a team of professionals, you need to discuss the roles and responsibilities of each party first just to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding in the future. Find out whether or not they have all the resources and skills needed to implement all your recommendations. In case they don’t, you can include them in your roles and responsibilities and let them know about any extra costs. Make sure that your client can get a free quote at Digital Search Australia so they know how much or what things they’ll be spending on.

On the other hand, if your client has the required skills but in limits such as having a small team or the lack of time, you can always recommend them some changes but with a clear focus on the important ones first.

6. Learn When To Compromise

You should learn when to compromise. Always think of ways where you can push through with your recommendations by modifying certain aspects. You may focus working on a specific project aspect instead of the entire project, or you may think of decreasing your budget. Doing this will show the client that your recommendations are not for your own good but is working towards achieving the best for their business. And as a result, your client will implement your recommendations without doubts.


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Bottom Line

Suggesting SEO recommendations to clients is very easy, however, getting them to implement is the biggest hurdle that digital agencies have to face. Don’t forget to provide a quote on upcoming projects by consulting the experts to avoid communication breakdown during the implementation process.

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