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5 Fool-Proof Tips to Speed-up Conversions with a Video Landing Page


Converting visitors into your golden customer’s sounds a pretty good idea, Right? 

Let’s us dive into reality.

People often search online for the product or service they are looking forward to. The market competition is tough. Several brands are now offering and competing with the same product or service you’re targeting. However, only few are able to seize the attention of random visitors and causing them to reflect on the desired call-to-action. 

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There are several aspects that contributes in making an effective landing page that eventually converts. But, the most appealing one is adding a video to your landing page that displays visually the nature of your business and the quality of work your audience should expect from you. It’s one great chance to make a strong first impression on your viewers.

This is what the most top-rated brands are doing to entice their viewers. To get an idea, have a look at the mesmerizing video displayed on the most esteemed graphic design agency website namely LogoOrbit

In this article, I will exactly let you know how you can make your landing page effective by adding a video that will guarantee to boost your conversions. 

Let’s explore:

Create Custom Videos

You can’t come up with a video that appeals to you and doesn’t resonate with your audience. As it’s always about your customers and not about what you want to deliver. It’s more about what your audience expect from your brand to deliver. Creating custom videos is the best way to ensure you create something that directly pull visitors heartstrings. 

You’ve to carefully understand your audience and their evolving preferences first. What if you have a brand that offers the same product like your competitors do? To convince them you’re better than your counterpart, you’ve to work on providing a personalized experience to your visitor by providing them exact answers to why you deserve to be their first choice. 

Make sure your video:

  • Displays how your brand works
  • Tailored to your audience
  • Provides a unique idea
  • Able to grasp attention

Create High-Quality Video 

The quality of your video determines how good your product/service is and the professionalism your company carries. Thus, you need to ensure you create a video that displays high-definition pictures, graphics and other visuals. Remember, you have good 30 sec to entice your visitors. And if you fail to seize their attention, you will lose your chance to win visitors attention. 

Your video must provide value to visitors. As it will be their first experience when they visit your website landing page.  It has to be engaging, informative and delivers a specific idea through it. Never convey more than one idea in your video as it will make it complex. Focus on delivering one concept at a time and strive hard to make it as clear as possible. 

Create a video that:

  • Displays the brand’s core product
  • The process that you will follow
  • High-end visuals and graphics
  • Creativity yet professionalism 

Provides Unique Value-Proposition 

Your video needs to provide exact solution to your audience problem or what possibly they are seeking for. If they are looking for a specific product, give them the idea of how your product would be the best fit for them. In what ways your product would help them and the benefit your product carries. If you’re offering a particular service like graphic designing, you need to display the ideas and concepts that will give the sneak-peak to the quality you bring to the designs you create.

Make sure your video conveys the discrete clarity to your audience and portrays how authentic your brand is. As you have one golden chance to convert visitors into customers through your video. It should be fascinating enough to drive your visitors towards a specific action depending on the goals your campaign aims to pursue. If you are able to convince viewers on how you’re the best fit for them, the ball is in your court. 

Design of Landing Page

The design of your landing page holds incredible strength to either increase the engagement rate or to simply drop it down. That’s how important the design around your landing page is. Remember the goal is not just to increase viewership but to entice visitors enough to act on a specific call-to-action. Here the idea is to keep your design as simple as you can make it. 

Remove unnecessary distractions including sidebars, headers and anything you believe is simply making your design clutter and complex. As you need to inspire visitor to act upon the desired CTA. You have to simplify the page to shift their focus on the video that must be tailored to your audience. Your landing page has just one purpose and that’s to convert visitors into customers. 

Ensure your design is:

  • Simple not complex
  • Include CTA’s
  • Makes video prominent 
  • Inspire users towards action 

Keep Videos Short & Crisp

Shorter videos tend to resonate better with audience as compare to longer videos. Statistics shared by Wistia found a high-drop off rate for videos that were of 90 sec in length. However, videos that were in between 30-60 sec likely to perform better. Thus, it is evidenced to say that shorter videos boost the engagement rate and viewership.

Visitors find video appealing when they get something to learn from it in a short time period. Nobody wants to watch long videos that are not competitive enough to hold viewer’s attention.  You have to come up with a unique idea that makes your audience intrigued with what you are offering. Videos that are of 30 sec boost conversion rate too. 

You have to ensure your videos are:

  • Shorter in length
  • Convey benefits
  • Provides Value
  • Have Clarity
  • Delivers Idea
  • Specific CTA’s
Create Custom Videos

Final Takeaway  

Having a video on your website’s landing page is beneficial to speed-up your conversion cycle. 

But, the irony is, not all videos promise to give you the desired result. 

What if I tell you?

Creative yet custom idea-backed videos are the proven solution to make your landing page competitive. As it helps you to entice visitors and build a strong connection with your audience. Effective videos has the potential to convey your brand’s story more quickly and easily. They are even able to generate more potential leads for your business. 


By implementing five viable tips in this article, you can guarantee to double your conversion rate with a simple yet effective video on your landing page. Remember, you’ve to alter these tips tailored to your audience and the goals your business aspire to achieve in the long run. 

Which video tips are you going to try first from today’s post? 


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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