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Female Bloggers Who Commented On This Blog


When I entered blogging field, I never thought I would meet so many bloggers in female gender. Now I know many bloggers in that gender. They are tour de force and great bloggers par excellence. I would like to mention some of the female bloggers I came across in my blogging career in this article.. and who had commented in this blog.

Ching YaChing Ya : Ching Ya is a social media addict & enthusiastic blogger. Determined to dissect the ideas & apps related to social networking, and present them with illustrations & easy How-To’s. She does freelance works for logo@banner designs & writings. Also she offers consultations on blog setups. In her free time, she enjoys a little acoustic guitar and music.

 Yasinta Dewina Yasinta Dewina : Yasinta Dewina is studying at University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta. Refer from the ‘four types of personality”, she is dominant in Choleric, followed by Melancholic. What I like : adventure, live music, a walk out with as few as possible friends, nature, simplicity. Where she goes depends on the places, and particularly the people she would go out with.

LianeLiane : She is also known as the YoungBlogger. She is a blogging guru / pro writer who began blogging at 15 years of age. She is now 17, and still going strong on her blogging. Her expertise lies in blogging tips, but she loves to be the well-rounded type of person that’s why she is broadening her skills and knowledges with every opportunity that comes in her way.

Ruchi ParikhRuchi Parikh : Ruchi Parikh is from Pune, India. She runs Choosy Info. She picked this domain name because she wanted the name of her site to have “information of their choice”. She done Masters in Computers. She is passionate for blogging and freelancing. In her free time she read books, listen to music and make handycraft items.

Slyvia RoseSlyvia Rose : Slyvia Rose runs Green Environment News. She is a cute and funny girl from kolkata. Her favorite quotation is “It aint over till the fat lady sings”. Have to ask her the meaning! 😀 She loves hanging out, watching movies, eating and sleeping. First thing you will notice about her is her face and her tatoos and overall, a cool girl to chat and blog.

ElviaElvia : Elvia is an adolescent girl turning into a woman. She wanted to share the interesting things that happen at this beautiful part of her life, so started, The Teen Tone – Confessions Of A College Girl. It is the intriguing tale of a Teen College Gal. She don’t have interest in books, because she is a creator not consumer to read someone’s creation! 😀

Fatin PauziFatin Pauzi : Fatin Pauzi runs 101 Internet Marketing and her blog is about information of internet marketing. She also runs couple of other related blogs. Fatin Pauzi is studying at UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. Apart from that, Fatin also do blogging, freelancing and networking business as her leisure activities.

Malini MohankumarMalini Mohankumar : Malini has over 10 years of experience in IT of which development, testing and project management. Major profession is Software testing and project management utilizing mainly Microsoft’s technologies. Apart from Microsoft technologies managed a couple of very large scale software projects.

MarleneMarlene : Inspired by her hubby’s knowledge in web design, created this site in 2001 as her stepping stone to learn the basic of internet language. Her purpose then was to have a personal website with limited exposure to friends and relatives. But the explosion of blogs and the birth of blogosphere is quite irresistible that she decided to migrate WP to this site.

Dsheray RichardsDsheray Richards : Dsheray Richards is a writer inspiring to encourage all to believe in love. She runs a a cool blog in TypePad. She blogs about relationship, dating, and marriage advice. You can email her if you have any questions regarding those topics and she answers as well as shares her own thoughts.

Nisha AhmedNisha Ahmed : Nisha Ahmed is one of the greatest and coolest mommy blogger I ever seen. She is a proud mother for Alisha and Aryan. One of her favorite quote is “A man wants to be a woman’s first love, a woman wants to be his last”. In her blog she tells about her own life, about the growth of her children and so on. It is one of my favorite blogs.

Melody NievesMelody Nieves : Melody Nieves joined the list of cool female commentators of HBB recently and she is the author behind and responsible for the intellectually titillating discussions on Melody Nieves (Mel-oh-dee Knee-evv-ehs) works as a freelance graphics designer and artist. Melody Nieves is a Artist, blogger, and dreamer.

KissieKissie N Atl : Kissie N Atl is still pretty new at blogging. She has a great attitude and willing to share some personal stories. There isn’t much profit to experience something and not learn from it. We view life differently in retrospect so she like to share some of her life lessons. Kissie N Atl is one of the good mommy bloggers out there.

Tejaswini DeshpandeTejaswini Deshpande : She completed her Engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunications, but fortunately got an opportunity to work in the fields of computer and programming. She is grateful to Sanjeev as she got chance to work with him for Internet Techies and contribute with some of her miniature works to the Internet community.

Mia PallasMia Pallas : Mia Pallas is the owner and founder of Design Matterz. The overall focus of Design Matterz is to feature & bring you all things pertaining to Web & Design. Tune in for the latest Inspiration & Design news and articles on some of the best Web Designers inhabiting & recreating the www. A great girl to chat with and Apple Mac is her boyfriend. Watch out!

Eureka Janet AlexanderEureka Janet Alexander : Inbound | Hot Media Pro – Taking your Brand & Exploding the hell outta it. Eureka Janet Alexander is a Unique Creative Marketing Geek, Writer, Director, Artist, Teacher, Actor – entrpreneur’ing bipolar brainiac w/a smart mouth and a fat ass. Eureka Janet Alexander is the owner of eCHI Marketing.

Suhasini MungalSuhasini Munjal : Suhasini Munjal is the Chief editor and P R officer of Loudable, a popular blog which publishes articles on latest trends in web, design, technology and social media. Having masters degree in Advertising and public relations, she is a workaholic and community minded person. She provides quality articles on social networking, breaking news, web videos, humor and many more to viewers.

Dipali ThakkarDipali Thakkar : Assistant Manager – Online Marketing Services working with leading IT Company at Ahmedabad. She is holding Diploma degree in Computer Engineering and currently pursuing MBA. Having aprox 3+ years experience in SEO, Web Analytics , PPC etc. Confident, visionary and career oriented individual. She is interested in web analytics and her interest leads her to create this blog.

Note : If you are female blogger and you have commented in this blog, please make me aware of it. I’ll add you to this list. This article is not exactly like what you think, I will feature the bloggers who I know well. Like a mutual relationship.


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