How To Empower Yourself To Collect Leads & Payments

You might be always looking for some powerful application to make your online tactics easier and hassle free. Whether if you are a blogger, a web designer or any businessmen, it is always required to marginalize the existing gap between you and your audience as much as possible.

So how about the idea to put up a form on our your website and provide your audience a platform through which they can easily interact with you. And if you can collect online payments (or collect leads) from your customers via PayPal through that form, how easy it’ll be to collect payment from your customers?

Yes, we are talking about an application that makes all this super-easy possible.

FormGet - Collect Leads

Introducing FormGet

It is FormGet that’s made things easier like never before. Check this cool app here.

FormGet is an online form building tool that lets you create any kind of forms with the ability to collect payments.

Another thing that makes it stand out of the other such applications is that you can create your forms even if you are a non-techie person and don’t have any coding skills. Within a few clicks, you get your forms ready. Whether it’s a Contact Form, Order Form, Registration Form, Lead Capture Form or some Appointment Booking Form.

Easy Form Creating

FormGet Form

With FormGet, you can create any kind of forms by just clicking on desired fields in the dashboard. Similarly, you can add PayPal field in your form with just a single click. Also, you can change the positions of the fields through simple drag and drop feature. Moreover, you can mark the fields required, change their names, put redirection URL and more. So it’s fun. 🙂

Easy Form Embedding

You can easily embed your form on any page of your website just by copying a simple script (or you can use a FormGet plugin that is exactly free to install).

Also, you can create multiple forms and display different forms at different pages of your website as per their applicability.

Manage Everything From a Single Dashboard

FormGet Dashboard

FormGet lets you manage everything from one single dashboard. You will find all your created forms under a single dashboard and you can easily manage all of them together without any hassles.

All the leads coming through your form gets stored in the FormGet inbox and further from there you can manage all your data whenever you need.

Do it without having a website

It doesn’t even matters if you don’t own a website. FormGet forms can be shared on all possible social networking sites as well as anywhere you want. You will get the form link URL with which you can share your form on different networks like Goolge+, Facebook, Twitter etc. So that’s a benefit if you are a not a website owner.

Collect Payments

FormGet not just lets you create attractive forms but also helps to collect payments. It has integrated PayPal payment gateway. So one can simply add a payment field and start collecting payments.

PayPal integration makes it secure and safe to make transactions and so one can use these forms to make payments with full trust.

Integrated Helpdesk

When there are multiple forms to handle, then you can assign forms to your team members and let them handle those form data. This feature makes it more powerful as now managing different forms becomes much easier than handling them all alone.

Email Integration and Dropbox Integration

FormGet allows you to integrate your forms with email marketing service providers like Aweber, Constant Contact, iContanct , Mailchimp , Madmimi etc. With this integration, you can store your leads data in your mailing lists and further do all the marketing with them.

You can also integrate Dropbox with your FormGet account to store all the form file uploads in your Dropbox folder.

Extremely Easy Customizable Design

 FormGet - Customize Forms

Form-designing and customizing is very easy with FormGet. It has got a few pre-defined designer templates that will let you design your forms and make it more attractive. With its wide option to change colors and designs and the available predefined templates let you create appealing forms in just a few clicks. From form field colors to button color you can set everything according to your desire.


What makes FormGet very outstanding for the users is its enhanced functionality, flexibility, attractiveness, and moreover the ease with which everything is furnished to the users.

Give away the unnecessary and unproductive workload to FormGet and let it handle all with ease. Spend quality time for your business. Focus on improving your products and services and building up marketing strategies.

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