How Drinking Water Regularly While You Blog Helps You Write Better

Drinking WaterIf blogging is your full time job, you surely spend hours on a chair. Since you have very little physical activity and if you sit in an air conditioned room, the chances that you feel thirsty are very little. Also, since you do not have a lot of physical activity, you must have added a few pounds to your frame. If you are worried about your expanding waistline, all you have to do is drink gallons of water and team it up with a healthy diet like the one from Weight Watchers. The cherry on the cake is that drinking water helps you write better as well. Wondering how? Read on.

Water detoxifies

Being a blogger, you definitely take care of your computer. You regularly clean the system, remove junk files and upgrade the system with latest versions of antivirus and firewalls. Why? It is so that your system can remain healthy. This is exactly what happens with your body. Junk foods that are typical of bloggers and low physical activity create a lot of junk in your body. So, the programming of your body turns defective and you begin to put on weight. Drinking water throws out all the toxins and cleans your body. So, drink a lot of water so that your system is clean and you do not put on weight. When your body is detoxified, blood and air circulation to the brain improves. You can think better and write better. Your blog can have high quality write ups. Alongside, you can take weight loss diet ideas from Bistro MD and adopt a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy despite being a compulsive blogger. You can download discount code or promo coupon of these companies for discounts on weight loss meals.

Water suppressed appetite

It has been noticed that people who spend hours in front of the computer sleep less. Also, they suffer hunger pangs more frequently than those who spend limited time in front of the computer. When you drink a lot of water, your hunger is curbed and you do not gorge on those pizzas and sausages. You can substitute junk meals with high nutrition diets and enhance weight loss, which is triggered by drinking lots of water.

Water is the best zero calorie meal

In order to make the best use of water, drink a glass of water before every meal. This helps because appetite is reduced and so you eat less. Keep drinking lots of water all the time that you write and stop feeling hungry frequently. This zero calorie meal is the best for bloggers who spend in front of the computer. They achieve better fitness.

Your frequent hunger pangs are thirst not hunger

When the body is thirsty, the programming in your brain sends messages of hunger. So, you assume that you are hungry and eat. Rather, you should drink water. Stick to four small meals a day and drink lots of water in between. Like your computer, your body is also a very complexly programmed system. Interpretation of its signals in the right manner is the best way to stay healthy.

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This article is written by Irfan Siddiqui. He currently contributes to where you can get the latest weight watchers promotion code.

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22 thoughts on “How Drinking Water Regularly While You Blog Helps You Write Better”

  1. The quality of the water you drink is important to. Aesthetics are important – if the water doesn't taste good you'll not drink as much. Also, most municipal water systems have unhealthy chemicals in them and many well systems have nitrates and agricultural chemicals. So, if you don't drink bottled water, find out what is in your tap water and get an appropriate filter system. A carbon block filter or reverse osmosis system is best in most situations.

  2. Water has really a big impact in our body. There are many reasons we should really be aware of it. Itโ€™s simple but there are a lot of benefits that it makes. Just like this article, it helps to write better. One of the benefits is this will make us productive in any aspects and in whatever we are doing in our life. Very nice article, thanks for sharing and I therefore conclude you drink a lot of water. Haha

  3. unique and interesting post .. water does help to increase your productivity thanks for sharing wonderful article

  4. This is true there are many benefits of water, and one of them is being productive. By just observation, itโ€™s really a plus if we include it in our habit. I really like your topic in this article. Thanks for relating health in daily lives of blogger or other internet related work. Itโ€™s also important to consider this.

  5. water is a natural recourse and most used in our daily life every one know but in this article author explained the hidden truth of water for now a days generation working on computer spending their time on computer while blogging or doing other work.

  6. I'm lean and usually I drink lot of water while I'm working, that is good signal for me lol, But I didn't know these various benefits of water while blogging, I will keep this habit alive to write better blogs, thanks for the post to stay healthy.

  7. Water is always the right choice. I think taking tea or coffee should be replaced by water or juice. it can help in perfect metabolism.

  8. Some really nice tips that can be followed by any professional working long hours in front of their computers. Now I will definitely drink a lot of water before every meal, I want to bring my weight down at any cost ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks Irfan!

  9. Irfan, thanks for the reminder… looks like I need to go get a bottle of water now! See ya later. Thanks for this great article.

  10. What a pleasure to read the value of drinking water when involved in a computer job at home. The benefits of drinking water are widely known, but for those who work at home, providing a nutritious balance to the inactivity and poor diet is essential.

  11. Irfan you have so beautifully explained the hidden truth behind the successful writing that I am thinking to put a water bottle near my Computer !! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    anyways thanks a lot for telling us such hidden treasure about drinking water…

  12. I am 100% agree that drinking water makes you healthy blogger. I would like add one point here. Not only water but your diet is also important. If you spend most of your time sitting down, you may be gaining fat. Schedule meals on your calendar, and treat them like any other appointment. This prevents binging on fast food. In addition, prepare your own food, so you will know what is in it. Drink loose-leaf tea, which is better for fat-loss than coffee. It is also good for increasing energy levels. Control the amount of snacks you eat during the day.

  13. Very well explained in the way WE "Bloggers" "Techies" understand ๐Ÿ™‚ I drink water regularly 3 times more than in day time when i work at nights ๐Ÿ˜›


    1. Hey Robin, It's good to read that my contribution here helps you understand the importance of health. I really appreciate your comment on my post. Thank you!

  14. Although I am not a full time blogger, I spend hour per day sitting in an office in front of a computer. I have also found that drinking water, even when I am not thirsty, has helped with my production. I also mix in nuts like almonds, that way I don't eat so much junk food during the monotonous daily grind.

    1. Thank you for letting us know your how you safeguard yourself from junk food. It will definitely help.

  15. Really interesting post and unique, I didn't knew for this with water.
    But I drink tea while I blog and it helps me a lot, and now I'm going to drink more water too.
    thank you Irfan

    1. Thank you James for your nice words. Yeah tea can refresh you but drinking water surely help you health. Stay healthy to blog well.

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