DreamHost Discount Coupon 50$ – April 2010

Dream Host April 2010 Coupon!Another favorite webhosting of mine is DreamHost and it is next to HostGator and HostMonster on my list. I also shared HostGator April 2010 Coupon Code earlier.

Now I’m going to share a 50$ discount coupon to avail the discount on DreamHost webhosting and you can also get one free domain.

How to avail the discount on DreamHost webhosting?

Simple. You can directly go to this link and sign up. You don’t need to enter any promo/coupon code since our link already has it.

Some Cool Features of DreamHost :

  • 1 Free Domain
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited FTP
  • 24×7 customer Support
  • 75$ free Adwords Credit

Sign Up To Avail 50$ Discount on DreamHost!

So hows your experience with DreamHost?

9 thoughts on “DreamHost Discount Coupon 50$ – April 2010”

  1. I've not tried or heard anyone shared about their Dreamhost experiences with me, I mean bloggers around me. I'm using Hostgator and quite satisfy with their support and uptime. Anyway, Hostgator does come with a 20% discount as well. No doubt, $50 discount from Dreamhost is much more better than Hostgator, but I'll stick to Hostgator since I've signed up for 2 years straight. 🙂

    Thanks for telling us about that, I may share with my friends as well.


    • godaddy discount codes are a joke! they say, 15% discount if you purchase goods worth $75 lol, and also it does not includes purchases of domains/hosting renewals… blah blah blah… read the full limitations and you will feel cheated…

  2. i have never looked beyond hostgator but surely if i ever try to experiment with another hosting will surely look for discount coupons, great way to save money.


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