The Dos and Don’ts of Blogger Outreach

Having a business and upgrading it constantly is your basic requirement. It is important that you follow all the recent trends and strategies that uplift your website not only in Google, but give you the maximum reach required to grow your venture. Have you heard about Blogger outreach for the same? It is a full proof strategy that lets you connect with different social media enthusiastic bloggers and influencers for collaborations on broadcasting your brand far and wide. And since they have a good bunch of followers on social media, this trick actually works a lot for your business influence. However, when you are following the blogger outreach program to grow your business reach, just remember to follow some guidelines and not to do some things that might affect your brand name adversely. 

  • Do’s of the blogger outreach strategy 
  1. Do pick bloggers and influencers with genuine reach and engagement— If you really want to collaborate with bloggers and take their help to reach a larger audience, it is important that you pick the ones who are really being followed by maximum people and have a good amount of engagement. For this, you require to do a bit study on social media platforms and then find the best from the rush of bloggers and influencers.
  1. Do create a good rapport with the bloggers— When looking to advertise through the blogger’s platforms, it is important that you maintain a very strong communicating relationship with them. This is important not just to convey your brand message in the best form to them, but also to run such programs further and for a long time with them.
  1. Plan and send the right message to the followers — You are going to utilize these bloggers and influences as a medium to reach a larger audience. So, when you get this chance, it is important that you pre-plan the entire strategy about how you will go with the entire process and in which manner you are going to reach the maximum number of people. Ensure that whatever message you are sending to this audience is very precise yet effective and describes the best things about your brand in the most captivating manner.
  • Don’ts of following the blogger outreach program 
  1. Don’t just consider the number of followers — It is a very common brand mistake that whenever they pick any Blogger and influencer for such programs, they tend to consider only the number of followers they have. Don’t just look at the numbers! Even the bloggers having a large number of followers might not be giving you the required engagement sometimes. So, look at the other factors like their engagement rate, the content on their pages and the audience actions and statistics they get each month.
  1. Don’t overstuff your content to them — It is understandable that you are paying a certain amount to the bloggers for this programme. But this doesn’t mean that you have to burden them with unnecessary content which may eventually bore their followers and you won’t get the desirable results. Instead, try to be detailed in a very precise manner and keep a certain gap between the different content that they provide for you. This will keep the audience excited while avoiding the monotonous effect. 

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