5 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2020

Innovation and technological advancements have transformed the world into a digital city in terms of connecting people from different places in the world. Sharing information is now easier and more accessible than it ever has been before making it more possible to generate brand awareness and promote products and services. And, because the internet is such a powerful tool that can be used to generate a return on investment, you simply cannot ignore digital marketing. But, there are some people out there that are completely unaware of what digital marketing actually is. So, what is digital marketing? Here’s our definition: 

Digital marketing refers to the use of the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other digital media channels to reach consumers.

Digital Marketing Predictions

However, as innovative and disruptive technologies continue to shake the digital marketing spectrum, the way businesses use it to promote their products and services is changing all the time. With this being said, it’s always a good idea to keep in the loop with all the new digital marketing trends and predictions. During this short, but insightful article, we are going to discuss our top 5 digital marketing predictions for 2020. 

The Rise of B2B Democratised Influence 

B2B purchasing involves different individuals conducting research and making recommendations to executives with budgets to decide. 

These different individuals rely on influence as they engage with different forms of data and information. Everyone is influential to a certain extent, and more and more businesses are going to tap into the influence of many people, whether they are employees, customers, respected industry figures or conventional influencers.

Artificial Intelligence 

 Artificial intelligence refers to robots or machines having the ability to work just like humans. It uses a combination of different features such as chatbots and voice assistants to find answers to consumers questions quickly. 

For example, Alexa and Siri are voice assistants that provide customer service and care. Just like us humans, they can take commands from users and work behind the scenes to come up with a solution. 


There are thousands of businesses already using chatbots as part of their digital marketing efforts. And, the use of chatbots isn’t about to slow down as we go into 2020. In fact, their use is about quite literally about to explode. So, what exactly are the benefits of using chatbots in digital marketing? Let’s take a look: 

They save time. Chatbots can provide answers to all sorts of customer questions and very quickly. These quick responses mean that whoever interacts with one can make a decision quickly. 

Personalisation and customer satisfaction. Anytime a consumer wants information about a business; it’s quite literally at their fingertips. Chatbots can respond quicker and more accurately than humans can, which means they are also great for customer satisfaction and ultimately, conversions. 

They are always in good humour. You will hear about customers complaining about being turned away when communicating with a chatbot. They are completely unbiased, clear, and informative. 

Voice Search

As technology continues to develop and get smarter, we are going to see more and more people using voice assistants on their mobile devices. The growth of voice search is actually also really important when using it for your business. Voice search helps with the growth of a mobile device driven world and adds a lot of value to local SEO. 

Lazor Focused Advertising 

Businesses all over the world use digital adverts to market their products and services. But, think about this, have you ever been targeted with an advert that has no relevance to you at all? Not only do people completely ignore the context of their adverts, but they may also do everything in their power to avoid the business that targeted them in the first place. Many businesses are already aware of this and are already planning their lazor focused advertising strategies for 2020. 

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