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Difference Between Blogging And Academic Essay Writing


Blogging has become one of the most notable parts of our everyday life. When you spend time on the Internet, you will notice hundreds of blogs of different people devoted to everything. You can find a blog about dogs, art, cycling, fishing, etc. There is hardly a topic omitted by bloggers.

More and more people have decided to become active bloggers. They have their own interests and they want to share their experience and knowledge with others. It will not be a mistake to say that blogging is a sort of artistic writing. People share their reflections and ideas with their readers and describe, narrate and criticize various subjects openly. Thus, blogging can be compared with essay writing. What is more, many people confuse blogging with essay writing.

Difference Between Blogging And Academic Essay Writing

They do not see the difference between these two phenomena. However, it is impossible to claim that blogs and essays are the same things. An intelligent person is able to find the difference between these things at once. Therefore, let us focus on the detailed explanation. What is blogging? What is academic essay writing?

Blogging is a brand new activity. When one wants to have his own website about his favorite thing, he can start a blog. Blogging is characterized by the constant and periodical creation of new articles or posts. Blogger is supposed to post a new article every day, week or month depending on the size and content of his blog. When one observes daily news related to the specific celebrity, he should find fresh content every day in order to keep his audience interested in his activity. If you are involved in the description of various technological innovations, you will not be able to create new posts daily. You will need to read new facts and analyze them before sharing your reflections with others.

What is the main feature of blogging? In my opinion, it is public access towards your blog.

Everyone who creates a blog on the Internet does it for several purposes. The foremost reason is fame. Some people who want to become ‘popular’ and famous start their own blog and look for the public approval in the web. They are happier when they receive more subscribers. They think that their blog is influential if thousands of people follow it. They believe that their ideas and worldview is authentic and reputable. They feel informal leaders in their community. They bring knowledge and joy to their readers.

The second reason for blogging is money. Popular blogs provide their owners with solid sums of money. No wonder, every ambitious blogger plans not just to inform others about something but make money at the same time. Sad to say but many bloggers start their blogs exclusively for money. They are not interested in the content they produce. Thus, many blogs are devoted to advertising, branding, and PR. They influence the audience negatively imposing the false ‘positive’ qualities of the particular product.

According to WriteMyPaperHub.com and OnlineCollegeEssays.com, an academic essay cannot be confused with the article taken from a blog. However, there are blogs of the talented authors who prepare literary descriptions of the chosen phenomena, people, events, and items. Furthermore, they share their feelings and impressions about the specific problem. Therefore, blogging is a subjective and completely personal process.

Finally, it is too far from scientific writing. If we speak about academic essays, they are considered to be the examples of scientific papers. The author does not simply share his impressions about something but informs the reader about the problem relying on the definite arguments and counterarguments. He does not invent anything but analyzes the problem using the existing facts and methods. Although an academic essay is subjective, it already possesses objective elements. The author evaluates the existing facts. He goes to the library and collects information about the chosen topic. He spends much time searching for the required sources in electronic catalogs. He looks for the most credible and trustworthy authors whose ideas can be borrowed for essay writing. In simple words, an academic essay should be newsworthy and enlightening. It should possess quotations and citations. When you write something, you should show where you have borrowed this idea from.

Apparently, an academic essay is not written for money or fame. This paper is written for self-development and education. If you take a look at custom essay writing services like WritingCities.net, you’ll understand Essays are quite long and have their strict rules and standards of writing. They have their definite structure and style of writing. Every paper of this kind has an introduction, the main body, and conclusion. An inexperienced blogger can omit these sections preparing fragmentary texts about the particular issue. No one will pay attention to the quality of an article placed on a blog. In fact, there are talented bloggers who are good at essay writing. They transfer their knowledge about essay writing on blogging. As a result, their blogs are captive, logical and clear. Such bloggers know how to make the reader interested in their texts. They know how to operate words professionally. In conclusion, a successful blogger is the one who can compose splendid academic essays. Thus, learn to complete good essays to organize a great blog. All in all, you can always follow free academic writing tips and guidelines available online to write an outstanding essay.


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