The Demographics Of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

We are back with another cool infographic from Advertising Age. This one provides more detailed table of the age breakdowns of Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. It is a breakdown of who uses the most popular social sites.

These social media demographics are not just based web traffic, but also on actual user profiles.

Some Facts Gathered From This Infographic :

  • People among age group between 18 -24 leads the way in all form of social media.
  • Sports is the most favorite on Facebook and Twitter has more got female users than male ones.
  • U.S. and India seems to be the top contributors for LinkedIn from usage prospective.

Social Media Demographics

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  1. Cool infographic. I just love infographics just like you, they represent complex data graphically and we can get those info in just a glance. 🙂


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