HOW TO: Delete Undeletable Files Easily

Sometimes it is not possible to delete files and folders in Windows OS. It is common now-a-days. You will get prompts like “This program is in use” or anything similar to that.

You can delete those files and folders easily by using Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

I tried it, and I was successful. Make sure you don’t make any mistakes because it is your computer and it will be your funeral then.

Delete Undeletable Files

Delete Undeletable Files

First find where the file is on your computer. Suppose if the file name is “sam.txt” and if it is in the “My Documents”, then the complete address will be,

C:Documents and SettingsUsernameMy Documents

Write down this address in a paper.

Now restart your computer. When it boots press F8 key.

Now you’ll find Advanced Boot Options Menu.

Then goto Safe Mode with Command Prompt section.

Now computer boots in DOS prompt. Then type,

cd C:Documents and SettingsUsernameMy Documents

Then type, del sam.txt

Congrats, now the file is deleted!

*cd – change directory

WARNING: Deleting system files can crash your system. So be careful when you delete your files.

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  1. I have worked with safe mode but never noticed this or you can say never used this command. Thanks for sharing.. 🙂


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