Three Crucial Parts Of Blogging Explained

I can’t stand the frail, weak blogging, weak content, weak reputation. And neither you can.

Each blog is created for a purpose, each blog thrives for audience, and each blog wants a good reputation. And if your blog lacks these 3 things then you are not walking on right track. Because a blog, which don’t have any purpose is like “Rudderless ship, no one knows where it will end up.”

You know we love to read content that compels us to do something that matters, like we get our name listed in subscriber list. But when we face content that bores us and bring tears in our eyes, because of their fluffiness. We simply hit back button and never comes back to that blog.

Contents are life blood of our blog.  They are what we use to build our reputation or diminish it.

Audience matters. They are what makes our blog buzzing, and spread words about it. They help us to create a good reputation and they also help us to break it, if we give a chance.

Three Important

Untrained and newbie blogger always avoid these 3 things. They start blogging because they see other peoples are making million dollars because of blogging, but they don’t see what they do to, how hard they work to make those million dollars. What they see is money not the effort.

Always remember when we earn million dollars; we lose million drops of sweat.

So Never commit anything until you know everything.

One: My blog is created for purpose

And so were yours.

All you need to find it. And once you got it, relay on it, work on it.

My blog purpose is sharing Best writing tips for writers and blogger to make their life easier, and I’m working hard on it.

Remember you created your blog for a reason. It was not a mistake, not a miracle. It was your decision, which makes the existence of your blog. You just forgot the reason, what makes you to take that decision. It’s time to call your memories back, flip the old chapters again to find that reason that purposes of creating your blog.

Because each and every thing in this world has its own purpose, they are not meaningless.

Two: My Blog Thrives For Good Audience

And so were yours.

I’m not a big fan of audience. I’m in love with good audience, audience who really cares about my content, my blog. And show some real interest in my blog by doing interactions.

Audiences who don’t care about what I’m doing on my blog are useless audience. You will not going to get a single penny from those audiences, even if you keep driving those kinds of people, you will lose your reputation. Which no blogger wants.

Every blogger wants audience who loves their blog and spread good words about it, not bad ones.

Always remember this:

One is blogger (passionate) + Two is blog (with Quality) + Three is audience (Who loves your blog) = Success (Money)

Third: My Blog Wants Good Reputation

And so were yours.

We all want good reputation, Right!

But the question arises here is “how we can build a good blog reputation? How we can fix the bad reputation of blog?”

My simple formula to get good blog reputation is “Good Content + Good Audience = Good Reputation”.

But for bloggers who wants to turn their bad reputation into good reputation have to work hard. They have to do millions of things to turn those bad words into good ones, turn those bad followers into good ones or if they have some cents in their pocket then they can look for any reputation management services to get out of this whole bad situation.

Or if you are ready to work by your own self then here are 4 simple but effective ways to turn bad into good.

1. Fix the problem (Find Reasons why people are saying bad things about you and fix the problem).

2. Apologize (Apologize to people for your bad things).

3. Be on Right Track (Don’t get on off topic or get involved into controversies).

4. Monitor your reputations (Monitor what people are saying about you on the web. You can use Google Alert).

My Final Words

These three things are most important part of blogger, we can’t create a successful blog without these three things. So we have to work hard on it.

What other things of blogging that you consider important. Please share it with us in below comment section.

8 thoughts on “Three Crucial Parts Of Blogging Explained”

  1. As 1 person mentioned before, PERSEVERANCE is also one major link. If you expect to see major results in the first few weeks or even months, then you might be heading down the wrong path. Hold the steering wheel and keep on the path….don't go off-road. Time is the key.

  2. I liked the things mentioned in the post but I would like to know from the author, doesn't the money matter? I know we should not compromise the quality for money but doesn't money matter?

    After all that's why 80% of us blog!

    • Money is just a by-product Arjun, but yes many bloggers quit blogging since they can't learn money from it. But you should see the difference between a content writer and a blogger. Content writers can earn money by simply writing articles, whereas a blogger is different. He can earn and at the same time he/she should satisfy their readers.

  3. Very inspirational, Romy. There are really 3 crucial parts of blogging which everyone of us must know and appreciate. Don't just create as many blogs as we can! 🙂

  4. well explained …romy singh well i should say you have a great language..your way of writing is just great well indeed just another masterpiece other than geeky writers


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