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A well-written essay contains certain components: an attention-grabbing title and writing style that will keep the reader engaged a thought-provoking topic, and exemplary grammar and spelling. With these points present, any subject can be turned into an interesting and successful essay-writing project. To create a truly memorable piece of writing, take some time to learn these tips and pointers as well:

Writing Essay Blog: Things You Should Do!

Writing Essay Blog

Choose A Topic That Is Important To You

If you choose to write an essay on a topic that holds no meaning or interest for you that will come through loud and clear in your essay. Your readers will pick up on this right away and they will lose all interest in your writing. Take the time to choose a subject to write on that is meaningful to you. Doing so will ensure that your heart will be in the piece of writing that you are creating. You want an expansive audience, not just those who are “required” to read anything you write.

Paint A Picture With Your Words

Don’t just write your essay, bring it to life. Make your essay more than just mundane facts and bland information. Use words to help your reader visualize an interesting anecdote related to your topic. Entertain the reader as you impart information via your essay. Give examples; create mental scenarios with your descriptions.

Avoid Being “Controversial” Just To Stand Out

If you genuinely have passionate, unconventional feelings and opinions with regard to your subject matter then by all means be true to your viewpoint. However, if you are writing on a controversial subject and you take a stance that is less than popular simply because you feel that doing so will make your paper more popular, you are making a mistake. Whether this will call attention to your essay in a good way or a bad way, it is not the thing to do simply to get more readers. No matter how well written or thoroughly researched, insincerity comes through like a beacon. Avoid this at all costs. Stick to presenting your own views and ideas in an interesting and unique way in order to capture your reader’s attention.

Give Attention To Small Details

Many people will be turned off when reading an essay at the first small error, such as a simple spelling mistake or grammatical error. This can happen because it is common knowledge that spell-check is widely available to be used in conjunction with good old-fashioned proofreading. Some readers will instantly stop taking the subject matter of your essay seriously if they see these types of mistakes. They will feel that if you are too lazy or unconcerned with the quality of your writing, then there is every chance the quality of your research and subject matter are also lacking. Others will be of the opinion that if you cannot take the time to polish up your work before presenting it, they are not going to take their time to read it. Always use spell-check as well as a grammar-checking tool. Even after doing so, give your finished work a quick once-over to make sure it flows properly.

Step Outside The Box Whenever Possible

The standard essay form is of course five paragraphs in length. However, whenever this rule is not set in stone, take the opportunity to get a bit creative. Experiment with different lengths of writing and different writing styles. Try writing from a different viewpoint than is your normal writing style. Explore some of the more unconventional “unwritten rules” of creative writing that authors often use. It is these types of writing that capture the attention and are most remembered by readers.

Wake Up Your Audience

Choose subject matter that isn’t something your readers can find in the daily newspaper or weekly magazine. Find topics that will make them think, challenge their own beliefs, ideas, opinions. A good piece of writing encourages readers to explore different sides of a subject. Most any subject can present different facets of itself and do so in a non-argumentative or judgmental manner. A truly excellent writer will be able to employ this method even when writing on a subject that goes against his own personal views (such as an assigned topic which the writer may not agree with).

Create An Essay For An Expansive Audience

Even if your essay is a school writing assignment, create it as though it will be read by a great many people, not just your teacher/professor. Even if it is a technical piece of writing, pay attention to your use of verbs and adverbs in order to make it as engaging and descriptive as possible. No matter what the subject matter, any essay can be written in a way so as to hold the reader’s attention and not allow boredom to set in. No writer wants a reader to feel as though they are “stuck” reading an essay because they “have to”. Even in situations where this is the case, such as school assignments which have to be read by the instructor in order to be graded, you still want your writing to have as much style and creativity as possible.

Avoid A Writing Rut

If you write many essays, it is easy to fall into the habit of writing in the same style, the same “voice” every time. You may find yourself writing from the same point of view each time, regardless of the subject matter. Don’t always agree or show the easiest side of a subject to write on; take some time and research other viewpoints and find one that you can genuinely “argue” about (remembering to avoid being insincere as discussed above). Most people find that they actually have more than one opinion about most any subject. This is the point of view to choose and write on. This is where your true creativity can be developed. You may find that your own views are more advanced and expansive than you ever realized.

Producing a great piece of writing isn’t as difficult as many people think. There is no need to fear that you cannot do it. It simply takes a bit of attention to detail and effort in looking at your own writing through the eyes of others. It is likely that you will discover talents you didn’t even know you possessed!

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