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5 Cities Where it is Crucial to Purchase a Critical Illness Cover


Barely a decade ago, we were living a completely different life. The environment that we live in now is vastly different from back then. There has been a significant transformation in almost all aspects of life. These changes have made our lives undoubtedly more comfortable, improving our standard of living.

Cities Where It Is Crucial To Purchase A Critical Illness Cover

Meanwhile, we have also paid the cost of this change. Our surroundings are more polluted than ever before, and health risks are on the rise. The best term plan in India covers the financial aspects of a critical illness, but it is essential to be aware of the consequences entirely at such a time. 

An increasing number of people are suffering from critical illnesses such as cancer and heart conditions. The fast-paced lifestyle has led to unhealthy eating habits and increased exposure to the risk factors in the environment. According to data from The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), India is likely to register over 17 lakh new cancer cases by the year 2020. In such a situation, the financial protection provided by a term plan against critical illnesses is crucial.

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Although these changes are visible everywhere, the metro cities of India are the worst affected areas. Here’s why you must invest in a term insurance plan if you are living in the following cities:

  1. Delhi

During the months of winter, Delhi infamously gets covered in a blanket of smog. It is challenging for the people living in Delhi to avoid pathogens in the environment, especially during these months. In recent years, the condition has worsened. The air quality has become poorer, and as a consequence, more people are diagnosed with fatal diseases.

A resident of a severely polluted city like Delhi must take appropriate measures to remain protected against fatal health emergencies. While lifestyle changes are a must, financial planning around them is also essential. It is a vital step to ensure protection against any unprecedented circumstances. In such a case, a term plan is an ideal investment decision. At a time of health crisis, it protects you financially by supporting the medical treatment without affecting your savings. An individual with a term plan can be confident about their financial well-being with no compromise on the quality of treatment.  

  1. Patna

Home to the River Ganges, the capital city of Bihar faces an alarming level of water and air pollution. It is among the most populous and polluted cities in India. The residents are at a greater risk of a health issue due to the increased pathogens in the environment. While there are measures that one can take to change their lifestyle, the risks cannot be entirely eliminated. The probability of getting diagnosed with a critical illness increases when you are living in such a city. Therefore, term insurance is a sensible financial decision to reduce additional pressure in case of a health crisis. 

  1. Agra

Among the cities in Uttar Pradesh, Agra is notorious for its poor air quality. The post-Diwali pollution combined with the high temperatures and dust storms blowing in from Rajasthan have weakened it through the years. Such conditions increase the probability of suffering from a health condition. It is essential to foresee such circumstances and prepare against them. It is always favourable to be a step ahead by purchasing term insurance to secure your family. 

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  1. Varanasi

Term insurance plans are essential for everyone in any part of the country. Varanasi is one of the states that has been witnessing a rise in the number of people suffering from allergies and respiratory problems. A person who is susceptible to allergies and infection due to these environmental factors must take care of their health plan. Term insurance plans are the key to avoid additional pressure at the time of health emergencies. In case you find it difficult to assess your family’s requirements for such an instance, an online term insurance premium calculator can assist the decision. It will help in determining the correct premium for the term plan tailored to your requirements. 

  1. Gurugram

The city of Gurugram is a corporate hub and is continuously on the move. Gurugram has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Undeniably, infrastructure construction has been at the core of this growth. There is incessant construction work going on in some parts of the city. Combined with other reasons, it is the cause of severe health problems among the people. A healthy lifestyle is the first step to reduce vulnerability to the pathogens in the environment. It must be paired with the best term plan in India so that you are not left wanting more in the future. 

Ensure Enhanced Protection

Life is unexpected, and the most we can do is prepare accordingly. When you are living in an environment that is threatening to your health, some changes are required to lead a happy life. A healthy diet together with regular exercising are measures that contribute to a fit lifestyle. It can help in reducing the probability of being afflicted with significant health issues. People tend to forget the more important things in life when they are caught up in the daily grind.

While you work hard to live the life of your dreams, you must not neglect the financial aspect of your health. Securing your family financially with a term plan is a wise financial move, considering the alarming rise in medical expenses. Prominent insurance providers such as Max Life Insurance allow you to protect yourself against critical illnesses with inbuilt ACI benefits. In the case of diagnosis, the term plan provides a lump sum payment without putting a burden on your pocket. Buy a term insurance plan to cover your family’s needs in the future.  


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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