Uninhabited Business Blogs—What’s the Cause?

Commonly, having a blog without visitors is only a newbie blogger’s problem. However, many old blogs still struggle to maintain visitors. Well, there might be reasons behind that.

Wrong target market

Knowing your target market should be a priority of every business blogger. This will be your benchmark in writing your posts, designing your page, and dictating the tone of your blog. Knowing your target market is like laying out your blog’s disposition. This will also allow you to keep on track with your topics, tone, and language use, which are integral elements in blogging, as well as attract and secure visitors. If you are in Florida having Florida llc will be great to start.

Uninhabited Business Blogs

Over Advertising

People love products and services, but a plethora of these can be annoying to your blog visitors. A business blogger builds a blog not only to advertise a service or a product but also to provide for their two major consumer’s needs: physical (products and services) and intellectual (knowledge about the business, niche, and industry). Yes, visitors are not just consumers, but also readers. And according to a recent blogging survey, 68% of visitors pay more attention to blog contents before considering its products. This shows that consumers want to know more about the business owner (the blog owner) before entrusting their money to them. Additionally, according to the survey, the blog content are the consumers’ personal yardstick to measure the blog owner’s knowledge of his or her business.

On the other hand, blogs that are not promoted enough suffer from visitor deficiency, so better have a ‘balancing acumen’, and learn how to balance your promotions and advertising to keep your remaining regular visitors.

Wrong Tone/Blog language

Tone (blog language) is important to convey your message directly to your readers. Sometimes, the misuse of blog language causes problems to blog owners and readers. My friend’s old blog lost tons of visitors during the election year when she misquoted a Republican politician’s remark that was quite popular at that moment. Her online Longchamp retailing business suffered massive sales loss because of a wrongly used blog language.

Ugly Blog Design

No one wants to visit an ugly site, or generally, nobody wants ugly things. If a business blogger is serious about his/her business, then he/she should pay attention to his blog aesthetics, layouts, and overall look.

Ugly blog design nullifies great web content, drives out visitors, and blocks potential customers.

Boring Contents

There are tons of business blogs on the Web with boring content. These are blogs with languid and dozing tone; making it seems as if the blog owner is sleeping while writing his/her post. On the other hand, there are also blogs with overly energetic auras, which may say that the blog owner is exaggerating her words just to get customers. Lastly, the worst contents are those that sound like a ‘personal rant space’ on the Web, where the blog owner writes about the negative issues around her (her competitor’s ugly products, how boring and tiring her blogging job is).


If you are only blogging for money, you are definitely on the wrong course. Of course, you are ‘business blogging’ to make cash, but focusing solely on it would put you in a wrong business direction. Many money-centered bloggers (who failed eventually) have unknowingly set aside important blogging factors because they focus on the wrong things. Money should be the product of your love for your business, not the focus; otherwise, you will end up obsessing over promoting your products and losing buying customers.

This article is written by Warner Carter. He enjoys writing about SEO, Marketing, and Website Development. He works with Endless Rise who provides SEO Reseller Packages as Private Label SEO exclusively for resellers.

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  3. Hey great advice. I differently am working hard to improve my writing skills so I can deliver posts on my niche. I was even thinking of taking some creative writing classes because as you mentioned, it's not a good thing to have content that does not carry with in a certain level of excitement projected.

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  5. A blogger who is concern about building brand, reader, popularity must care about his target. Otherwise all his efforts will end in smoke.


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