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Buying SoundCloud plays an opportunity or cutting corners?


Competition is one of the basic reasons why the up-and-coming artists get tired when they feel like their tracks are not heard. It could be tough for the new artist to prove that they are the new diamond in the rubble. This is where the buying of Soundcloud plays comes in such that the view, plays, clicks, and likes can be boosted, the artist has the opportunity to get their tracks listened to. It is quite similar to buying Twitter followers; buying Soundcloud has its pros and cons. In this article, we explore the pros, cons and also compare and contrast with views and conclusions to make discernable decisions. 

SoundCloud 2

Soundcloud plays means playing music, sounds, and recording on Soundcloud, which allows unlimited access to post contents like records, podcasts, musical tracks. Buying real soundcloud plays helps increase the number of streams gotten on a particular podcast, record, and musical tracks released to ensure a better outlook and help better in a promotion. Over the years, it has been evident that it has worked for artists and podcasters with amazing talents with beautiful songs and recordings go viral. It has not been helpful to many artists. This is usually due to the different factors pertaining to buying Soundcloud plays.

The very importance and existence of Soundcloud do not only rest on enabling the upload of music and audio. It also helps in the area of messages and comments by the listeners and users. Soundcloud has helped music spread worldwide in different languages, which makes it easily known to have been part of the reason that brought the music world together to a safe place that benefits the creatives and the listeners. Possessing all this knowledge, artists have increased productivity and shrewdness in the production of various sounds.


Credibility and Reputation

Generally, people do follow the multitude, which means that it is more likely that an artist with over a thousand plays would attract more clicks on their music records than an artist with zero plays. This shows how the credibility and reputation of the plays affect the artist directly. This could be considered as a number disadvantage because it’s also possible for the artist with zero plays to have well-put content compared to the artist with over a thousand plays. The increase in the number of plays depends on the outreach, how the song is going put out there for more listeners. At least now you could easily comprehend why a naturally talented artist would want to be able to buy Soundcloud plays just to promote their craft.

As much as the idea of buying Soundcloud plays and gets your craft out there sounds very nice, it takes power away from the listeners, the true lovers of music, records. It simply means that they get what is pushed towards their page by Soundcloud. Then, there is an inevitable conflict between quality and quantity.

Social Credibility

Social reputation can be everything when listeners want to click to listen to an artist. The fact that an individual buys Soundcloud plays makes it look more popular; credible and attracts more people to listen. It could attract a lot of attraction ranging from agents, media, and even record companies; basically, this gets people talking and notice the content been uploaded. 

The buying of Soundcloud plays can make the content go viral. Although this might not be through for every case, it can stir up and encourage a conversation and get taken seriously. Most agents and recording companies do not take anyone with little or no reach seriously because of the absence of social credibility and listener stance. Connecting with agents can be the breakthrough for the artist because of the new opportunities, benefits, privileges, and management. All this starts with a simple step by buying Soundcloud plays to get the song started from nothing.

Enticing Listeners

The increase in play and benefits brings strengthened social proof, track reputation, and even entices more listeners because, at this stage, the artist is more known and exposed to many opportunities that just started from simply trying to kick start a song or record.

SoundCloud 1



There have been some few complaints in the music industry that has tagged or considered the buy of Soundcloud plays to be dishonest and not favorable to the less privileged artist that put in the hardwork but also another school of thought does not necessarily claim that this view is right as the buying of Soundcloud plays has a helped a lot of popular artists out there today.

The Long term

Most comments have also been about the long-term plan of the artists to sustain and maintain the appearance that Soundcloud has given. Most artists are not ready for the big stage at the same time; they are so eager to be seen more and within a very short period. This fact does not negate the idea that talented artists are not getting any necessary attention due to the way the Soundcloud algorithm is built. Having more followers, plays and likes gives room for more insights, reach, and exposure of the tracks.

Inconsistency and Unpredictability

In some scenarios buying Soundcloud plays does not give any advantage apart from boosting your plays because you cannot determine which location the plays are coming from. It could be done from anywhere, which means that the density of the listeners is scattered on the board, which might not give the artist the real music promotion he desperately seeks. The cons of buying Soundcloud is that different fake profiles could be listening in and even bots which means buying plays does not give you a fan base. It does not necessarily build a community for you where listeners can be easily notified in new records and tracks are uploaded. The idea that this can happen is like chasing ghosts, this is why it is a controversial practice; it is better to know the risks and benefits.


There are legitimate and well-functioning companies that sell Soundcloud plays, but with this in mind, as an artist, you have to be careful of scams. It is always preferable to use companies that you have made absolute research on and ask questions from people involved for a while; they always have an experience.


However, it is important to note that with talent and hardwork, buying Soundcloud plays would help the artist more, even long term, rather than be kept in the Soundcloud algorithm’s shadow with little or no plays, followers, and likes. Purchasing Soundcloud plays can show inconsistency with the listens as you cannot control who is neither listening nor the location. This would be such a big problem that after getting your plays to a thousand plays, it is also possible not to get the attention you truly want. That is why in this article we would recommend.

Patience and Practice

In an industry of this sort, it is said that patience is a virtue with continuous practice and consistency. It is only a matter of time.


Practicing more gives the artist more room to learn and improve, consequently bringing out more quality content in the music.

Embrace the hustle

It is always good to go old school and attend scenes, gigs, events, engage in community activities; this will help spread and guide you to a better part.


Music marketing can be everything enough to get your name out there as an artist. This might involve the employment of a manager that is skilled in this area. Music marketing using advertisement can be a strong tool for the promotion of the artist.

Social media

Creating social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook while keeping up with appearances and releasing content will help spread your reach and leads.


Engaging in making new sounds with a popular artist that is already established might just be what you need to put you right on track.


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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