Top 5 Browsers Analyzed [Browser Wars]

All the browsers are in a race, every browser wants to topple one other. Browser Wars are going on for many years. There are lots of great browsers in the web right now, the top 5 are :-

#5 – Opera – 1.96%
#4 – Apple Safari – 4.27%
#3 – Google Chrome – 10.06%
#2 – Mozilla Firefox – 31.3%
#1 – Internet Explorer – 51.2%

Time period of the above mentioned information is Dec. 9 to Dec. 10.
Information acquired from Statcounter Global Stats

Well, I guess IE has the top position because of Windows. Most of the people in the world use Windows OS and IE is the default browser in it so mostly they use IE. I guess Mozilla Firefox has earned a lot of fans from its last versions and also from the latest version. That’s why it is at the second spot. Google Chrome has been an all time favorite browser for me since it has launched. I have used Google Chrome the most. Safari and Opera are nice browsers with some great features in both of them.

Personally, I love Google Chrome and I like Opera. I use Google Chrome the most, I thought that I should take a little break from Chrome and try the new version of Opera since it says that it is the fastest browser on earth. I tried Opera and I liked it too but after a few days I switched back to Chrome.

Firefox used to be a favorite of mine before Google Chrome was launched. But I tried to switch back to use Firefox 4 but I really couldn’t get used to it even if it has some great features.

Internet Explorer 7 and 8 actually didn’t impressed me at all but after using Internet Explorer 9, I felt that IE is back with a bang. IE 9 have amazing features. The only bad thing is that it is not available for Windows XP as I mostly use Windows XP.

Coming to the conclusion, here are my top 5 browsers.

#5 – Apple Safari
#4 – Mozilla Firefox
#3 – Internet Explorer
#2 – Opera
#1 – Google Chrome

According to me Google Chrome is the best browser, what do you say? Which browser is your favorite? Did you like this post? Do comment.

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29 thoughts on “Top 5 Browsers Analyzed [Browser Wars]”

  1. to me taste:

    safari i madly like best, chrome is the best overall, mozilla: very good, opera has not proven as fast where have used it, IE… leaves something to be desired, namely, way too slow.

  2. At present, I think, Google Chrome ist the best, but he use the same Webkit as Safari.

    Safari build on WIndows system many MBytes for the Top Level feature. On Mac OS you can turn this of, on Windows not.

    Opera have many CSS elements inside and some old CSS 1 failures with the width in percent.

    Internet Explorer 9 now work with many HTML 5 elements, but not with simple CSS3 like text-shadow, border-radius and some other.

    Firefox is fast, but with the plugin-container.exe he have in some cases a high CPU load over 50 percent.

    If you want to compare the TOP 5 browsers against Web Standards, you can do this on following page:

    Last but not least, I think, it's not easy to decide which browser is the best.

  3. soon Google chrome will be on top in usage…Mozilla is no doubt one of the Best Browsers…

  4. Nice share. My first choice is always Google Chrome and after that Safari. For me Firefox comes after Safari and Chrome. I feel chrome is must faster and lighter than Firefox.

  5. Vinayak – My list is the same as yours except I have FireFox in the number 1 position. However, after reading this article I think I am going to give Opera a try.

    I have to give the fastest browser on earth a try and see if I like it. Thanks for the mini review, and we'll see if Opera can draw my attention away from FireFox.

  6. My favorite is Firefox, but like most people I also have IE and Chrome as secondary browsers. When I do coding, I have to test with all 3 most popular browsers, and IE is the one usually sucks!

    • Same here but i like Firefox more when coding as the developer tools are easier to use than chrome and IE

  7. I actually have three of them; IE, Firefox and Chrome. I’ve always stuck it out with Firefox, for no reason at all, or maybe because most of my BM is with that browser. Perhaps, I’ll try and switch to Chrome and try it out for real.

  8. I like Opera if I just surf and like to use Firefox while accessing my WordPress dashboard or any other application based web page.

  9. Chrome is my love forever 😛

    Initially I used IE because of lack of any choices… looooong back…

    Then I switched over to Mozilla.. but since I upgraded to Chrome… awesome… it is the fastest and the lightest browsers available… But, for some blogging stuff… I still prefer Mozilla…

    • Chrome is the lightest web browser and works fine but sometime it is unable to open some specific sites.

  10. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are taking over the market share captured by internet Explorer by offering better services

  11. Personally I use Opera – the fastest, and the most sophisticated browser. Chrome is the second best for me.
    I love Opera for the following:
    1) Ability to stack tabs on top of other. I can now keep 30 tabs open without cluttering the space, stack all the video tab on one, stack all the blog on one, etc.
    2) It is very fast and consumes less RAM (at least for me).
    3) Turbo for those on dial ups.
    4) Notes no need to open the notepad and hit Ctrl+S as it automatically saves every thing.
    5) avail for Mac, Linux, Win, and any other platform.
    6) If you have closed the tab accidentally just press Ctrl+Z and your tab is back.
    7) Mouse Gestures and many other features.
    8) I am an opera loyal. The features that it has given to browsing can never be forgotten.

    Chrome is also great to use. but it does not have an inbuilt feed reader and it slows down my system. Rest – it is fine.



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