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BlueTie Pin – A Contact Detail for The New Age Professionals


BlueTieWe started from the stone age, and now we have reached the digital age. But the evolution doesn’t stop here. The digital age continues to evolve, and so do our networking needs. While trying to explore new avenues to fulfill these needs, I happened to stumble upon a newly released professional networking app, BlueTie which I found rather interesting. With BlueTie, I can engage in objective driven networking. That is, it allows me to find professionals whose objectives meet mine and empowers me to network with professionals beyond my immediate connections.

To get these concepts working, the app is packed with some innovative features, first of which is objective based networking. Here, I can simply select my networking objectives, and the app shows me profiles of professionals with correlating objective. Then comes “Search by Forte”, which allows me to find professionals based on a particular skill set, software proficiency or certification that I am looking for. I too can get searched easily for my precise ‘forte’. Another feature allows me to keep a preset timer within which I can expect a response to the reach outs I send to other professionals.

Of all these novel features, the one that struck a chord with me is the BlueTie Pin which I think made my professional communication all the more convenient and spam free!

BlueTie Pin is a customizable contact detail, which can be shared with other professionals for all official communication purposes. What I liked about it is that I can engage with other professionals without the compulsion to share my personal contact details.

BlueTie Pin

What is Unique about BlueTie Pin?

  • We all attend a lot of events and seminars where more often than not, there is a need to network with the professionals out there, even after the event. However, women are usually hesitant to share their personal contact details fearing its misuse. All this can now be avoided by simply sharing BlueTie Pin to communicate.
  • Now, if you’re a public speaker and you would like to share your contact detail with your audience so they can further a professional discussion with you. How do you go about it? If you share your phone number, you could be called at odd hours and stand a risk of it being misused. Giving out your e-mail ID could spam your inbox, and your important mails could be lost in them. In such cases, you can share your BlueTie Pin, and when you start getting their reach outs, you have the power to decide whose reach out to accept and with whom you want to continue your communication.
  • The other day, I met a person at an event, and during our conversation, I found out he was looking for a professional with my skill set to collaborate. I told him I was interested. He asked me for my resume and portfolio. Now, I wanted him to immediately confirm the collaboration, but sending my entire portfolio at that moment would be painstaking. All I did was, share my BlueTie Pin and he could see my skills, work experience and educational qualifications in one thread. It acted as my first introduction to my professional profile. Viola! The job was in my pockets.
  • I can customize and personalize the BlueTie Pin as per my liking, to reflect my professional personality. For example, a person working as a Marketing Executive can keep the BlueTie Pin as ‘marketingpro’. On the other hand, a person can simply keep their full name as the BlueTie Pin. So, you can create a BlueTie Pin that best represents you professionally.

Overall, I found the concept of BlueTie appealing, and I think the objective-driven networking could be highly beneficial for today’s professionals. So, just create your BlueTie Pin and use it to make all your professional communication more effective.

You can download the BlueTie app from Google Play store or Apple App Store. For HellBound readers, you can exclusively avail two months of free subscription by using my referral code HBB00001 during the registration process.


Mudita Jha is a creative content writer for many blogs & a tech savvy person and she loves to write poems and stories. She loves to enjoy life and accept the life as it comes and try to make the most of the opportunities that come her way. She has seen herself evolving from a non-writer to an expressive content writer.

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