Where Blogging and Social Media Intertwines

After writing content the next step is to share it, but why do so many bloggers fall short in bridging the gap between their blog and social media?

One of the main pitfalls of bloggers is that they only see themselves as that – a blogger. Social media is merely something that they have, not that they do. Herein lays their first, and most fatal, mistake.

Where Blogging And Social Media Intertwines

Likewise, many social media users have a blog, but they do not see themselves as a blogger. Do you see where we are going with this? To formulate an impeccable digital strategy, blogging and social media must co-exist in harmony, complementing each other to allow one and other to grow beyond their wildest dreams.

Content is King, but Social Media is Queen

As the age old saying goes, content is king – and it’s true. The first step of any solid marketing strategy is to have quality content. However, what is the point in producing amazing content if no one is going to see it?
Sadly, living by the quote “if you build it, they will come” does not work when it comes to blogging. To run a successful blog, you need to run a successful social media account(s) – please, do not think that opening a Twitter account and sharing nothing but links with the odd hashtag means that you are a social media expert. It doesn’t.
Engage with your audience via social media – use your content as a means to generate discussion, and always interact. Create graphics that represent your brand or blog to add a unique and personalized feel to your page – tip: social media graphics elevate the chances of converting traffic onto your website.

Social Influencers

On the flip side, there are many users of social media that do not have their own website/blog, or do but is barely updated. If you are one of many users with a social media account that you are looking to build, a website or blog is the perfect tool to let everyone know a bit about who you are.

Maintaining a blog gives users another means of keeping updated with you or your brand, and it’s another way a prospective audience can find you, especially if you employ a good SEO strategy.

There are many reasons why influencers have become such a major player in the social media game – primarily, it is because of the trust that their audience has in them. Users are more likely to trust other users rather than corporate accounts, and it is through this that businesses and other bloggers can increase their own outreach.
When you come across a solid social media account in your area, do not spam their inbox pleading with them to share your blog because you think it’s cool. The chances are they will receive hundreds of the same email from other desperate bloggers. The trick here is to find a piece of content that is performing well and improve it – for example, if a post on the 10 best blogging tips is trending, create a new post on the 15 best blogging tips for 2017 (or whatever year you are reading this in).

First and foremost, the post actually has to be good – influencers have their own agenda, and sharing poor quality content is not going to look good on them. Secondly, it has to be relevant to their audience, which will hopefully become your audience.

Try New Things

When you read guides seeking tips on how to improve your digital strategy, the worst thing you can do is follow them to the letter. Why? Because by the time you have finished reading up on the latest trends, new ones have already been created. Many brands are afraid to try something new because it has never been done before, and they are unsure of the reaction. Whether it is something as simple as to make your own poster or any idea that you truly believe will reflect your brand in a positive light.

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