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5 Biggest Project Management Trends in 2019


At some point or another, you will need somebody to manage some of your things done. Be it professional, or personal, you have to hire or prescribe duties to other people, or to a particular system/intelligence to get things done in a sophisticated manner. Nobody can complete all the tasks in a project all by themselves, and that too with efficiency and precision. 

Biggest Project Management Trends

So, when it comes to business, or what you say professionalism, Project Management is just a way of getting things done through a number of ways/steps.

Project management basically is the application of practical knowledge, skills, and techniques to meet the desired results. The managing and organizing of a definite project in a particular time period are directly related to the productivity of a project. 

Whether the project is virtual or physical, certain trends assist in the easy processing of tasks and a fruitful commencement. As the world is constantly changing, futuristic trends to manage projects arrive frequently. Hundreds of newly arriving trends are seen getting popularized every other day in the corporate world. 

The availability of a huge number of options creates confusion and may result in a termination that will not be worth all your efforts. It is extremely disheartening and unnerving to see all your best endeavors go to waste. 

Project Management Trends are at an increase in corporate marketing. Knowing trends is beneficial only until you know what tools will provide you with the desired result. To make it easy for you, you can browse through the Top 10 Best Project Management Tools, and hence, manage your success. 

And, that is why you need to read this article, so that you get the privilege of choosing the ‘best among the rest’ project management trends out there! 


It is supremely important to secure your Data and is an issue of paramount vigilance when regarding Project Management. In spite of using anti-virus systems, softwares, firewall protection, and spam-free tools, there still are multiple threats to the security of your project on the Internet. Hence, the popularity of using Cybersecurity became the biggest Project Management Trend of 2019. 

For any project to be a success, it is utmost necessary that its Data remains secure and private. It has really become challenging to manage the integrity of a project in the cut-throat competition of MNCs. One minor mistake regarding the safekeeping of sensitive information and it may cost you billions. 

To eliminate all these threats, you highly need to consider the incarnation of Cybersecurity as a core task for your Project’s Management.


Having a direct relation to any project’s success, Artificial Intelligence is another Popular Project Management Trend of times now. Artificial Intelligence or AI serves as a great relief by putting an end unwanted consequence. Chiefly. AI is the process of simulating human intelligence into machines, preferably computer systems. 

Easing the proceedings of Project Management, Machines Learning and incorporating intelligence reduces the burden of analyzing, interpreting, and classifying data. 

By making use of Artificial Intelligence, you can reduce the workload of human recruits. The increase in workload on Artificial Intelligence is always as efficient as ever. And additionally, you can make use of your human recourses at places where the human touch is required. And leave the rest (quantitative analysis, for example) to your AI helpers. 


Leave the latest trends in Project Management! Emotional Intelligence has never gone out of trend. Monitoring and utilizing the emotions of your human resources along with yourself and your project is a trend that has been fruitful since times unknown. 

All you need to know is how to give a direction to the mindset of those who help you. Everybody is born with their definite individual capacity to manage stress and use it for positive outcomes. Emotional Intelligence provides variable results in varying conditions. Stimulating your team to a level of their excellence will help you cut costs and prove accuracy. 


“What gets measured gets managed”!

According to Peter Drucker, Risk Analysis is an integral component of Project Management, and therefore, it is a Project Management trend of budding popularity. 

Risk, though advised to avoid, is inevitable at times. Handling risks at arrival is greatly impractical for a powerful project. It is worthwhile to prepare for uncomfortable and unfavorable situations beforehand. Ensuring previously analyzed and determined strategies of risk avoidance, and management can help you counter forthcoming adversaries. 

Farsightedness proves as an effective tool for Project Management! So do prepare a series of operations, and tactics to manage both,

– quantitative risk,

– and, qualitative risk. 


Establishing Remote Teams for any project has demonstrated higher efficiency in Project Management Trends. Remote Teams is a phrase used for those employees hired by you who work at a place located far from your establishment and do not constitute in the regular workforce. 

The popular use of the Remote Team in Project Management is since the flexible work hours provide an added benefit of the relaxed work environment. 

Hiring people from variable geographical and cultural backgrounds provide you with a wider spectrum of knowledge. Also, the time saved from daily commute can be well utilized in increasing work hours. It is great for stay at home jobs or if you’re a digital nomad, always on the go. 

With the vigilant undertaking of exceptional projects, you and your team can create wonders. Make sure that you use your comprehensive and detailed learning of Project Management Trends to reach heights only attainable by you!


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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