The Best Tools For Stress Free Cyber Security

Stress Free Cyber SecurityCyber security has become an increasingly vital part of any BusinessIT strategy, with hackers becoming more and more sophisticated and organisations suffering from security breaches and data losses. Such attacks can be hugely expensive, create poor PR when customer’s personal details are involved, and can even have legal implications if businesses are not compliant with security regulations.

With that in mind, we thought we would run down what we consider to be the best tools in the market for cyber security, tools which take away the stress and worry of possible attacks and breaches. Here are our current top five:

1. NCC Group Security Testing

The NCC Group provide a range of security testing which will identify risks within your network, systems and websites, and will also help you contain any attacks you may suffer. The integrated solution makes it ideal for businesses and their clients include Comic Relief.

2. AVG AntiVirus Business Edition

Although better known for its free cyber security solutions, AVG has released its own business tool. The AVG Antivirus Business Edition includes a firewall and identity theft protection, as well as the main antivirus functionality. Although a simple, user-friendly tool, it is best suited for smaller businesses rather than larger organisations.

3. Bitdefender Cloud Security

If you’re looking to avoid malware, Bitdefender Cloud Security is a highly rated antivirus solution as well as a firewall and content filter, which protects against sensitive information being leaked. Best of all, it can be easily managed from a cloud-based console, which allows you to create lists of banned websites and then apply them to some or all of the machines on which the programme has been installed.

4. F-Secure Client Protection

Whilst not as straightforward as the other tools on this list, the F-Secure Client Protection gives you lots of features including an antivirus programme, firewall and browsing protection. Although it may be a little clunky to set up, the chances are you won’t have to touch it again once it’s set up and tests have shown its highly effective.

5. Check Point

Check Point is a company which provides hardware and software cyber security solutions for business, be it protection from DDoS attacks or checking all of your network’s files for anything damaging. Definitely a solution for larger businesses as it is a more expensive service.

So there’s our run down of the best cyber security tools which will help your protect your business from malicious threats. Cyber security needs to be part of your business’ IT strategy right now to make sure you’re not at risk from hackers, viruses and malware which could be hugely costly to your business.

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