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Beat Your Fashion Rivals Through Digital Campaigns


The demands of day-to-day life mean that many people are stretched for time, and shopping online is an alternative which allows people to avoid the bustle and stress of visiting busy shopping centers.

In the new digital age, online fashion brands are in constant competition with each other, and a strong brand identity and online visibility are more crucial to fashion marketing than ever before.

Beat Your Fashion Rivals Through Digital Campaigns

There’s no doubt that fashion brands should be reviewing their digital marketing strategy for the future, and considering how they can stand out amongst their rivals. There are five key factors in digital marketing, which if delivered well could make all the difference to your brand, helping it to stand out in a competitive digital market.

Web design

Fashion trends are constantly changing, and it is important that your brand’s website is up to date, user-friendly and intuitive. It should also communicate the essence of your brand, and speak to your target audience, encouraging them to remain on your site, browse your products and hopefully make a purchase. Your website should also be recognizable to customers and incorporate high-quality product shots.


A website with interesting and stand-out content can make a significant difference to how customers engage with your brand and can have a huge impact on the purchases they make. For example, a blog which is built into your website, which includes regular new content, and speaks to the customer, is relatable and seasonal, can help to build long-lasting customer relationships with your brand, making them return to your site to shop time and time again.

Social media

An informal social media presence with a human touch is a great way to build trust in your brand and to establish long-lasting relationships with customers. Social media has a strong impact on the decisions people make about their online purchases, and an immaculate Instagram account, with beautiful product shots, or an engaging Twitter feed, which interacts with customers, could make all the difference. Running competitions and giveaways via social media is another great way of generating interest and engagement from potential customers, and can help hugely with conversion rates.

Search engine optimization(SEO)

Strong search engine optimization is imperative in the digital age and is a great way to drive traffic to your brand’s website. Using the right keywords is crucial with SEO, and the best way for fashion brands to decide which keywords to use is to put themselves in the position of the customer and consider the words they might put into a search engine to look for their products and services. Looking at what your competitors are doing and analyzing the keywords they focus on is another useful method for maximizing the impact of your brands SEO.

Pay per click (PPC)

Research shows that it takes six impressions before a customer purchases a product. Therefore, when advertising online, your brand or product needs to be visible to a customer six times before they visit your site and make a purchase. Pay per click advertising is a simple, effective and low-cost way to make these six impressions and drive traffic to your website. On Facebook, for example, adverts can be highly targeted so that they appear on a prospective customers feed however many times you wish over a certain period of time. This allows you to reach your desired customer base according to, for example, location, age, gender or personal interests.

Perfect these five points, and your brand will be stand out amongst your rivals online, increasing website traffic and engagement with your brand and products.

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