Automated Parking System Explained

  • Do you know that millions of new vehicles find owners every year across the world? 
  • Have we thought about how and where they park cars?

Even as you are reading the post, there would be showrooms across the globe, which would be handing the car keys to the exciting customers.

Automated Parking System Explained

This is where the need for an automated parking system comes to play. It is created with the sole purpose of accomplishing the ever-increasing needs of people. Yes, before moving further. Let’s know

What is the Automated Parking system?

APS is a system surrounding sophisticated machines to accommodate a large volume of parked cars in the minimum space. It is done where cars are placed vertically one after another in a multi-storey setting, in the limited usage of land. It is possible through an internal elevator which transports cars to upper levels.

There are two types of parking system:

  • Fully Automated
  • Semi-automated

Fully Automated

As per its name, parking is fully based and dependent on robots. It uses computers, mechanical components along with sensors and cameras

 There are primarily three functions of the same namely

  • Picking the car
  • Taking the car to the parking area
  • Placing in there

There are signs and signals which guides the driver to reach the entrance area, which is a lobby. The robotic system measures the car’s size to fit in the smallest parking space available where the car park management system equally comes handy.

Now, passengers move out, lock it, and exit the lobby area. They get the ticket from the machine which is placed there. Sensors make sure that no one is present in the lobby, and it automatically closes ‘outside lobby doors’ and opens the inner ones, which lead to APS. This parking system is well used in today’s age, due to excellent engineering arising out of sophisticated technology and techniques. 

Un-Parking the Car

APS is indeed a delight to ease drivers in getting back their cars easily. The driver enters the ticket in the outside of APS, pays the amount and signaled to go to the place where he/she will be receiving the car. Yes, as the automatic system moves the car to the exit lobby, the lobby doors open, and here the driver moves inside the car and finally takes the car out. It takes roughly 60 seconds for the whole process to happen and proves to be an easier and quick mechanism when compared to conventional car parking. 


The operator, while pressing the specific functionality button, transports the car to parking space. Usually, areas with a large volume of cars are fully automated as they require sophistications where technology plays its effective part towards its practical implementation. 

Where is APS constructed?

  • Automated parking space has a structural body made of metal. It can be constructed in the available space such as between the campus building
  • It can have a different size based on the needs of the people and space available
  • Being a mechanical system, it eases the driver as everything is automatically done
  • The effective system with proven records of awesome functionality 
  • Smooth movement without noise

Final thoughts

Congestion has become an inevitable issue so much that it has now become such a challenging issue where it takes many minutes to find possible car parking space. The problem aggravates further during rush hour. However, working on the thought process, “We can’t go sideways,” “We have to go up,” APS is the need of the hour in high-density areas. It is only a feasible and practical answer to accomplish the needs of ever-increasing parking spaces. 

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