HOW TO: Use Social Media For Sales And Marketing

Social Media For SalesSocial media can play an important role in sales and Marketing. It strengthens a relationship between the customers and the company. If a company wants to become a leading company on internet then social media is the right path for it.

How to Get Started with Social Media

If you have decided to use social media for sales and marketing for your Business and you don’t know where to focus the power then the time spent on social media and all efforts done will be in waste. To ensure that you are going well, you will have to do some research before using the social media to know that which social media networks you should use for this prospect. You can take a poll or survey for people who use social media daily. Many companies use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook but some industries have made their own forums to interact with people. However many companies prefer to use both the above 3 social media networks as they are free to use. If you are going to use social media then make sure to do only those activities which can enhance the relationship between you and people. Avoid time wasting videos and other games which will not leave a good impression for you on people.

Twitter For Sales and Marketing

Finding Prospects

When you create a Twitter Account, make sure to include a picture on profile and the link of your website or blog. Also enter detailed description about you in your profile. Please remember that if you don’t place a profile and background picture and don’t write info about you then the account can appear “spammy”. Also include contact information so that your followers can reach you.

Now find your prospects using find tab which will be located on the top. Now extend your search and follow those people who are following the people whom you are following and also those people whom your followers are following. Now follow the people which are in your industry and also follow the people who are following your competitors. Remember that Twitter has 2000 follower limit. It increases as your followers increase.

Now keep yourself active on Twitter by monitoring the tweets of those people whom you are following. Looks for your competitor’s tweets where people are not satisfied with their products and if your product can solve their problem then post your tweet in the reply of those people’s tweets.

Interacting with Prospects and Followers

Meanwhile when you are increasing your followers, you should share real time news that may be interesting to your prospects. Share your tweets there a few times in a day. Now what type of news and tweets you should post? The answer is simple. About your latest products, the most selling products and giveaways and meanwhile you can also share the tweets regarding your meetings with your vendors.

Facebook for Sales and Marketing

Creating Connection

On Twitter, you can follow the people whom you don’t know but on Facebook, it is inappropriate if you add friends whom you don’t know. You should add only those people whom either you have spoken in the past or if they are from the same industry from where you belong to. Here I would like to suggest that before adding people, either poke them or send them a message to ask them for being friend. If they poke you back or they reply you with their positive response then add them. Otherwise if they reject your invitation then may be your account will get blocked.

If you are leading your company on Facebook then you should make a Facebook page and promote your content there. There share your news, links etc about your company, products and giveaways and then share that news on your own wall from your page.

Connection through Conversation

On Facebook, you can make more connections by participating on different groups and pages. Try to join the most active pages and groups and participate on the most recent discussions. If someone gets interested with your discussion then you can invite him/her to be your friend.

Facebook Search Option

You can use Facebook search option to invite people for friendship. You can search people by name or by company name, industry or college/university or with a specific location by entering city name.

LinkedIn for Sales and Marketing

Creating Connections

Like Facebook, it is not appropriate to connect with people whom you don’t know however ou can connect with those people with whom you have worked before. Same like Facebook, if you connect with those people whom you don’t know, you can ban from the LinkedIn. The more connections you will have, you will get better chance to get higher interaction to your profile and posts. But before going furthermore, you will have to complete your profile by entering your all expertise and experiences. Once your profile is updated and completed, you can connect with people now.

Connection through Conversation

Besides connections and referrals, you can connect with people by participating in group discussions. You can join the groups regarding your industry and there you can participate the discussions. Same as Facebook, if someone is interested to be your connection then go further to add him/her. Meanwhile avoid by using marketing tune in your comments or discussions as your profile can be marked as “Spam” and can be banned. Meanwhile you can participate in the discussions of your competitors but you should keep in mind that always do discussions in a good manner. You can follow these examples.

A Good Example:

I had a customer ask for a way to solve X problem. We recommend X. Can you think of any other creative ideas to solve this problem?

A Bad Example:

I don’t like ABC competitor. I hear XYZ (my company) is better. What do you think?

I believe that following all the above rules and tips, you get a good chance to get popular on the social media. Meanwhile this will lead you to increment of your sales.

9 Tips For Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing CampaignWhen you start a business, to grow it up, you need best email strategy for Email Marketing. Email marketing campaigns are essential element of a successful Business marketing strategy. They help us to communicate with clients and to tell them about our new offers or giveaways. If you want to build an effective marking campaign, then you must have to pay close attention to the message and audience interest. Always try to avoid much self promotional content in your email message. Tell the audience what the exact is. There are some tips which I believe that they will help you in building successful email campaign.

1. Using Email Campaigns as Dialogue

Some marketers use “batch and blast” method in campaigns and they achieve their desired results but however with this method, you cannot communicate with the audience so you should start the message in a way with which you can start a dialogue between you and audience. Include the social media sharing buttons so that audience can share the message on Social Media channels.

2. Evaluate the Past Click Matrix

Before starting email campaign, you should evaluate the past click matrix must so and calculate how many visitors have clicked before starting campaign. You can divide them furthermore in weekly or monthly analysis so that when you start campaign, you can see the results of your campaign.

3. Segmentation of the Message

Now further divide the message into segments so that if a user wants to read message online, the audience can find its relevant interesting segment easily. This will save his time of reading the entire message rather than wasting his much time by downloading the message or reading it full.

4. Focusing on the Message

When composing the message, focus on the message and write the message according to the audience’s interests and actions. Send the different messages to different groups of people according to their interest. Beside this, be sure that you have added all the valued added content for different types of users.

5. Create Mix of Styles and Methods

When you have done all the previous tasks, now its time to have mix styles and methods if you want to test different email campaigns with different types of groups. Keep you data fully freshen.

6. Deliverability of Message

If the message is not able to deliver in the inbox of audience then the strategy is considered to be flop. Even the best marketers sometime fail to deliver the message into audience’s email boxes. Never use common trigger words like free offer, opportunity or click here or any sentence or word forcing people to click on any of the link. This will make your message spam. Read Drip’s article on how to improve your open rates with the right email subjects.

7. Testing the Email Campaign

This is the most important phase of your email campaign where you will need standard A and B test users to test the email campaign. The thing you will need is just to send text email from person A to person B to ensure the delivery of message. You can also test the other elements of message like images etc. Also check the email delivery by sending in-house email group and ensure that all content in the message including text, images and links are working fine.

8. Analyzing the Results

When you have send the email to real groups of users, analyze the results that how many people got the email, to how many users, email could not be delivered etc. It will not require much time as you will not need to enter the large data. Propose of this step is to increase the reliability and improvement of future campaigns.

9. Using Social Media Sharing

In the 1st tip, we have discussed the social media sharing buttons in the message. The benefit of including these buttons is that users if find the message interesting, they can share the message on social media channels. Hence through social media buttons, you can spread your words to the whole world.