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Amazing Stories About DNA Testing


DNA is the database of information about human body activity. The DNA testing is now exploiting this information in various measures of research to reveal surprising facts about us. Bloodlines and genetic diagnosis of predisposition to hereditary diseases are the principal reasons for DNA testing. Genealogical DNA test is now a trending topic and widely sought after service due to the many uncertainties in our family fabric. DNA testing answers paternity questions as well as legal procedures. There is an increasing number of services to meet the overwhelming need, and due to technological advancements, you can now perform such test at home even though there are claims of adverse risks of home DNA testing.

Genetic testing in humans can give exciting or terrifying results about our identity as a person, and this can significantly change our living. Is DNA testing giving more information than we need to know? A few people have come out boldly to share out their experience with DNA test findings. The DNA testing is a sensitive issue and life-changing. Let’s have a look at some exciting stories about DNA testing.

Finding long lost love

The family is the most significant source of love and support especially when you can reach them to share in moments of joy and sorrow. Calamities, squabbles among other factors can lead to family separation and loss of contacts. Thoughts of detachment with family can be bothersome more so when you can’t establish the apparent identity of such people. The lost son offspring, as well as the family members, undergo many difficulties in trying to realize their roots, they know no peace.

Long before, the process of finding a lost family member was very cumbersome, and many ended up giving up assuming the particular persons died. DNA tests coupled with internet use has enabled easy access to unique information that will help you link up with that loved one who went missing. New revelations are seen every day and reunions bring joy world over. Expert LivingDNA Review provides insight on popular services that give extremely detailed DNA test results that will ensure you link up with your family.

Norman and Gerry Cooper reunite at 85

Works of Gerry’s son, Ian in establishing the family tree of the family took quite long, but the fruits were evident by having his father and uncle unite after a long period of separation. Eighty-five years is such a long period of separation, and many may have thought that all is lost, but this was not the case for the two. It is always never too late to get back to your family. Norman and Gerry got the best experience of knowing that they had a brother at 85 years. The 3-in-1 ancestry techniques employed by the DNA testing services can make you have the best love back to your life. Such a test can take between 10 to 12 weeks, and you can also have a family member and rejoice together.

Mother meets a daughter whom she thought died at birth

Genevieve Purinton aged 88 years old was overwhelmed with tears of joy in North Tampa when she reunited with her daughter after 69 years of loneliness. She had thought the daughter, Connie died at birth. She gave birth to the baby in 1949, the baby was stolen from her, and they told her she had succumbed. Incidences of baby theft are now common than before making lots of distress in many families. The mother had lost her siblings, and she had no child, she was all alone, and life was unbearable. As a Christmas gift, Moultroup helped Connie trace her origins whereby they used an Ancestry DNA kit which led her to her mother’s contacts. The vicinity at Tampa on the two meeting was surrounded with warmth and joy in finding out that Genevieve had a family to embrace her even in old age. She now has a daughter and grandchildren. The pleasure can’t be explained in words, and they shared the story on FOX.

Matt Heninger finds her biological parents after the adoption

Matt Heninger undertook a DNA test to establish his ethnicity having been adopted at a tender age. The findings were not any different, so he didn’t bother much. After several days, Matt received a notification alerting him that the submitted samples matched a close family. He got curious and decided to dig deep into the test results discovering that it was her sister, Burgener.

When Burgener was 12, their mother had a baby out of wedlock. Being that they were unable to sustain the large family of 5 siblings the mother decided to adopt her out. The mother didn’t share the story with the other siblings because of morality and security issues. Years passed like a river, but there was always that missing link in the family. Through services of DNA testing, Heninger was able to identify his biological origin and reunite with his siblings. Unfortunately, the mom had passed in 1992. They now live together as a family and share a lot.


Immorality is widespread in the world, and one that has led to the disintegration of many families is infidelity. Well, people may not like such memories or talks, but it’s a reality that we must hold with the horns. As human beings, we got a soft spot for our blood. Sometimes we go to the extreme ends to make them happy. How does it feel having sacrificed a lot for someone due to deception?  Many fathers feed and fend for kids they never sired. Selfless individuals may not find offense in this, but the act of deceit gives it another perspective.

Suspicion is immense in family structures, and many people are now buying the DNA test kits from various companies to be certain of the outcome of their marriages. Chris narrates on how she realized that her daughter had no biological connections with him. They took a test with the ex-wife and the daughter, but the result indicated otherwise. This was a confirmation of unfaithfulness in the marriage and led to breaking up in the family.


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