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5 Simple Steps To Faster Broadband Connection


Many of us are subscribed to one broadband service or the other but we are not getting the best from this service. Sometimes, you won’t be able to get up to half the speed of the broadband service you’re using and this means you paid more money than you needed to, however, there are some things you can do to improve the quality of the broadband service you get. These tips will help you get a faster broadband.

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Broadband Speed#1 – Use a USB Cable

A great way to significantly improve the speed you get from your broadband service is by using a USB cable. The computers of most of us are often located in tight corners in our rooms preventing signals from flowing freely yet we still plug our modems to the laptop in this form. You can get more from your broadband connection by making use of the external USB cable that came with your modem, this will make it easy for you to move the modem to a better location where there is enough signal.

Most slow internet connectivity problems are as a result of reception problems so using the default USB cable will help you gain more exposure for your broadband modem thus leading to a faster connection.

#2 – Make Use of OpenDNS

When it comes to internet technology there is what we call a DNS service. Your broadband service provider has their own DNS servers and these DNS servers can affect how fast your connection will be. The more a DNS service has been used to access a website the faster it is.

In most cases, especially if you’re experiencing slow connectivity problems, it is more effective to make use of a public DNS server like that of OpenDNS.

#3 – Be Tight With Security

We often complain about not getting enough while neglecting that which we already have. Another effective way to make your broadband faster is by making sure it is as secure as possible. Many of us have wireless routers with open access or weak passwords and this will make it easy for others to tap into your broadband connection, thus making it slower. You can maximize your broadband service by having a strong encryption code (containing both alphabets, numbers and symbols) or by limiting your wireless router to your location only.

#4 – Get a Quality Router

The router you’re using can also have a great effect on the quality of service you get because cheap, low quality routers often deliver poor results while high quality, time-tested routers deliver great results. Try to observe your router to see if you suspect a problem with it, if you’re not satisfied make sure you change your router to a more quality one. You’ll be amazed at the changes you will get.

#5 – Use a Wired Connection

This is for those using a wireless connection. We all love flexibility and the advantages of using a wireless connection anywhere in our home but there can also be some drawbacks (such as low speed) to using a wireless connection. If you need faster access to the internet you might want to go wired; this has been tested to me more effective and faster than a wireless connection.

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John writes for BroadBand Expert on how to choose the best mobile broadband and how to choose a good mobile internet service.

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    • omobilebonu

      Dear Onibalusi,
      I love reading your blog entries because it looks as you are the one who is able to Get The Best From Slow Internet Connection and if necessary you are the one who is able to Get Faster Broadband Connection. Fantastic. You will never lose!!!! Are you working for British BT? Thank you again.
      Regards. Omo

    • Aish

      Does it affect if the connection is wireless or wired ?

    • Bligbook

      Nice tips…..i will keep in mind these points…..

    • kumar

      This is really a good post. I agree with the point made above, specifically the suggestion to use OpenDNS. I have personally switched to OpenDNS and my internet connection seems to be really stable and a bit quicker than earlier specially for non Indian websites.

    • Saket

      Nice tutorial. I agree having a wired connection is better than a wireless connection but when you have more than 1 PC like in a work-station, having a WiFi is a better option.
      And talking about DNS, OpenDNS might make your speed faster but this is not always the case. One must test

    • Vivek Parmar

      wired connection is better as far as i know??

    • Jasmine

      You are right. I would like to use a wired connection whenever possible, but at my home, I have the router in the study room. When I am using my laptop at other places I have no other options but to go wireless, sometimes the connection can drop and this really is frustrating!

    • Rohit | Ipod Touch 4G

      Nice Post…you are right a wired connection is much faster then a wireless one…

    • Rojish

      Nice post dude, All points are valuable.

      I have a small tip to add. If you are a firefox user and having a broadband connection with unlimited data transfer then using pipelining technology will have huge effect on increasing browsing speed. Pipelining will allow us to have multiple connections with server instead of one. As a result the speed of data loading will increase. We can introduce pipelining technology with few tweaks to firefox settings. You can find articles with step by step instruction in many websites. This method will consume more data transfer than normal so it is adviced only to those who have an unlimited broadband plan.

    • Thiru

      Of course dude, Having wireless EVDO card for my system. my net speed is damn slow and planning to move wired connection.

      Thanks for the tips.

    • Gabriele Maidecchi

      The biggest problems people are having with any kind of connection is often related to the crappy quality of the equipment they use. As a matter of fact, changing to something a bit higher priced is usually enough to solve lots of problems, and surely to improve general performances.
      This at least is what I found out in my personal experience.

    • Dana

      If not mobile, wired connection is always a better option if compare with wireless connection in term of access speed.

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