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8 Symptoms Of Computer Virus [Security]

Last updated on 13/12/2010 by | Short URL: http://hbb.me/12JLsaK

symptoms of viruses
We Know that, despite the widespread use of anti-virus, over half of the country’s computers are infected with viruses, we must conclude that the infections are due to bad habits cultivated over the Web, than to the inefficiency of virus. So, I prepared a few tips trying to get away as much from poisons.

  • Windows Shooting Alone.

You are browsing the Internet and come up windows for advertisements or different Web sites, without you having anything tight, make no mistake, you’re infected.

  • Performance Degradation.

Computer does not turn over the command of Windows, just take the socket. Lock all the time. It is too slow. Resumes alone, you’re infected.

  • Suddenly Pop Up Error Messages.

When many messages begin to appear out of memory, disk space, it fails in application, etc., is a clear sign that a virus may be behind them.

  • Home Of The Browser is Changed.

Pay attention when the home page of your favorite browser is changed for no apparent reason, as many spyware do this.

  • Social Networking Profiles, or Your Email Account Automatically Send Messages With the Virus to Your Contacts.

If your friends start to complain that they are getting your messages with viruses, it is certain that your computer is infected.

  • The Command CTRL+ALT+DEL No Longer Works.

In any version of Windows, one of the simplest ways to check for viruses is simultaneously pressing the CTRL+ALT+DEL, as the most important virus disables this command to initiate the task manager.

  • Antivirus No Longer Update.

If your anti-virus begins to acknowledge failure update, even if its connection to the Internet is operating normally, is a great sign of a virus installed.

  • Social Networks Hacked.

When your Orkut, Twitter, Facebook, etc are hacked, surely there is virus on your computer.

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On December 13, 2010 by in Security | Short Link: http://hbb.me/12JLsaK  

She is the Editor-in-Chief and Owner of Cyber World. She is a technical blogger and writer specializing in blogging tips, seo and tutorials.

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25 Opinions on “8 Symptoms Of Computer Virus [Security]

  1. nice article.. :) can you recommend any good antivirus software!

  2. Of course, if the virus is an keylogger, you might expect your accounts to be compromised…

  3. Luckily my computers do not have all these symptoms except they are getting slower and slower. Damn, I want to throw my slow computers out of the window!

  4. Total slowdown of the computer that you want to rip it from the ground and throw it against the wall. Then you know you might have something!

  5. all the above mentioned behavour is applicable to windoows pc :)

  6. Few more Symptoms like malfunctioning of files, over CPU usage, auto deletion of files were also considered as few familiar symptoms!

  7. Yes, that is the right time to update your antivirus or call the antivirus company for help… if you have paid them.

    Most of the time your free softwares cause the virus attack.

  8. TechVista says:

    suddenly shutting down or restart of system also may be the symptoms of virus.

  9. Thats all made a good sense to know about PC viruses properly specially the new users. Useful writing. Keep continuing.

  10. Nice useful article…Microsoft Security Essentials works fine, one can try it if using genuine windows.

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