What Are The WordPress Hosting Minimum Requirements?

The majority of the blogs out there use WordPress for their content management. It is indeed one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS) for Blogging out there. We started our blogging journey on Blogger.com then slowly migrated to WordPress.org, it’s a good upgrade, I’m sure everyone will agree with me as well. Grabbing this golden opportunity, popular web hosting companies started to optimize their servers exclusively for WordPress hosting, you can take companies like WP Engine (20% off) and Bluehost ($5.95/month*), they are exclusively optimized for this.

WordPress Hosting Minimum Requirements

As of now, almost all the leading web hosts support WordPress, and they try their best to optimize their servers properly for better results. There are some minimum requirements to run WordPress and we’ll share them below.

WordPress Hosting Minimum Requirements

Most Web Hosting providers and personal installations on Linux/Unix systems are compatible to host WordPress.

  • PHP: Version 5.6 or greater
  • MySQL: Version 5.6 or greater
  • Apache: mod_rewrite module (for clean URIs a.k.a. Permalinks) (Required for Multisite)

Also, make sure your web host allows remote connections and doesn’t block any outgoing HTTP connections. The older versions of PHP and MySQL might work for your WordPress blog, but it is a big security threat, and your blog will become vulnerable to hackers.

Other WordPress Server *Recommendations*

WordPress recommend web servers like Apache or NGINX. Both of them have their advantages and yes, they are powerful and robust. They also recommend suPHP for better WordPress security.

Additional Tip: Do ask your web hosting (chat/support) whether they can configure Varnish (Cache) on your server. This helps you to stores copies of pages for users, usually to optimize your server for better load speed.

If you have any queries about whether a particular web host is optimized for WordPress or not, then kindly comment and let us know your issues, we’ll help you out for sure.

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