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Wix Website Builder

CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Website builder is for all those people who want to start any creative professional website with minimum efforts & maximum customization tools available on site. It lets you build a professionally designed website in free but Web Hosting included.

Wix Website Builder

Why somebody should look go for platform instead of looking for any other cloud-based web development platform? I mean it’s just simple, we always want to compare things with others so that we could get a good idea about our decision that which one is best or better. Here are some points that tell you that why is best for you:

  • provide a world-class website building platform in free, while others charges very high amounts even for a simple template.
  • Wix provides all the tools and features to build an amazing presence to all people from a student or a bride to a professional photographer, musician or any small business owner. If you go for any other template platform, then you may find some or many themes that are not easily handled by you or by your friends. Even I have tried some other players on the website building market, where I just wasted my money because templates weren’t so good to customizable & found lots of difficulties over there. Whichever theme I liked, I bumped into difficulty and ultimately had to leave that theme and lost my money there. At Wix, there’s no person on earth that want find something for his taste from their 500 templates.
  • Mobile Friendly themes & responsive themes are available at while you may not find at others at very reasonable price and quality.

We have talked about Wix as a powerful web building platform, and it’s really a great option for people who scratch their head and ask themselves: “how to create a website”. Wix offers plenty of high-end designed templates for every specific business and with good mobile-friendly tools, a rich e-commerce with their WixStores online solution, musical websites etc. And it is also integrated with Google Adsense, PayPal, iTunes and other monetization solutions. If you look at the review of Wix site builder, it’s pretty clean and easy for anyone to build their desired website.

What Services Wix Provides?

1) Domain Names

2) Web-Hosting Premium Plans

3) More than 500 Templates

4) Mailboxes with Google Apps for Business

5) Designed Online Stores with great management tools

6) SEO optimization

7) Huge amounts of popular Apps and Services from their rich App Market

Wix Website builder has made its own position in the market; whopping 68 million websites, they listed themselves as the biggest player in the website builder landscape. is free, but if you need your professional features as domain name or own priority support, then you need to choose from one of their 5 fair premium plans.

Ease of USE

If I talk about ease of use, Wix is by far the best option. Their drag and drop editor is really user-friendly and easy to understand. And in case you’re getting stuck, then there is always their support section that helps with any question you can even imagine. Also, users can watch short instructor videos on all functions.

Design of Templates

The design of themes looks impressive and leaves a remark on users, plus you can get any kind of template design like for musicians, e-commerce website, hotel owners, restaurants, photographers and honestly… anything.


Wix supports 13 (!) different languages, and multilingual sites are also an easy option to create here.


You can get domains endings .com, .org, .net, .biz and .info and dozens more.


Wix provides many widgets and small tools for excellent image galleries, videos, facebook and external apps can also be integrated with the template easily via the apps. All from easy to use App Market.


Wix offers an online store for e-commerce websites calls WixStores. Those who plan to begin an E-Commerce portal can pay with Paypal or Google checkout.


If we talk about monetization then people can integrate Adsense via their App store or by using banner ads & affiliate links.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Wix facilitates all users – page titles, meta description, alt tags for SEO. Also, they suggest an SEO wizard tool that let you know how friendly is the site that you’ve created to the search engines. has good Fun Factor level for starting up any website. Users can enjoy its features as they are very playful with impressive results. Their Support goes without mention. It has good support via FAQ, forum, phone. Overall it’s a superb Web building platform. Enjoy Wix!!

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    • Jonathan Richards

      Wix is probably the best or among the best website builders out there but for a complete beginner I would recommend using Weebly. Their free account is unmatched by any other website builder. They show just a small ad that doesn’t ruin the experience like Wix does with the free accounts. With a wix free account you get a site with a big, ugly Wix ad that ruins the experience imho. When it comes to the paid plans, Wix gets better and better but if it’s free you want, Weebly is a better choice. Just my 2 cents.

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