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Why Use A WordPress Theme Framework For Your Blog?


If you have a self hosted Blog, chances are pretty high that it is powered by WordPress.

There is a deluge of Themes available to decorate your Blog and make it look Pretty.  But do you know that using a Theme Framework may be Good for your Blog, for more reasons than one?  Read on.

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Wordpress Theme Frameworks

What is a WordPress Theme Framework?

As WordPress puts it:

A Theme framework is a Theme designed to be a flexible foundation for quicker WordPress development, usually serving as a robust Parent Theme for Child Themes.  Some Theme frameworks can also make theme development more accessible, removing the need for programming or design knowledge with options pages.

In short, a Theme Framework provides a lot of useful features that are quickly available and easily customizable based on your needs.

Why is a WordPress Theme Framework better?

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to WordPress Themes. It is virtually impossible for a WordPress Theme to give all that you need for the Blog.

A Theme Framework solves this problem by giving you the following :

Getting rid of few Plugins

The Power of WordPress is its extensibility by the way of Plugins.  Theme Frameworks helps you to get rid of few Plugins, by giving you those very features as part of their core framework.  This way, you can free up your Blog of some Plugins.

A good example is the SEO features provided by the Thesis Framework for WordPress – which makes it absolutely unnecessary for you to install any SEO related plugins.

Design Options are virtually Endless

Though many WordPress Themes give you the flexibility to tweak the Design options, Theme Frameworks can provide you with numerous options to control most of the Design – either through code or with visual editors.   Also, an established Theme Framework has a set of proven and robust Child Themes which can give your Blog a completely professional look.

Switching Design becomes Easier

It is perfectly normal to switch your Blog Design over a period of time.  With Theme Frameworks, it is just a matter of switching the Child Themes without affecting other settings for your Theme.

What Theme Frameworks are available?

If you are sold on the idea of using a Theme Framework or if you would like to know about the available Theme Frameworks, here are a few of them:

There are many more, you can make an easy search for them using Google as ‘wordpress theme frameworks’.

I will be happy to assist you with any questions you have on WordPress Theme Frameworks.  Comments are the best way to contact me!


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    • Alvaro

      What kind of rights does one have over a Theme framework? If for example I use WP Framework, could I change whatever I like in it to create my new theme? Could I exclude files, even errase comments so that finally my theme doesn't have any reference to the original theme framework? Am I allowed to do these and then sell my theme (which was based in the framework one)?

    • Bryan

      I'm not a techie person so I guess installing a WordPress Theme Framework would help me customize my blog at ease. The problem now is how am I going to install this. Is there a quick guide on how to do this? I'm in a tight budget so I need to do this myself…

    • Karla

      Nice! I was thinking of transferring to wordpress from blogger. I don't know, blogger's kinda' growing on me and I already know it's in's and out's. Can anybody here make me change my mind? :p

    • Shaq @ Blapts Web Hosting

      I like the thesis framework i think its the best of the best of frameworks 🙂

    • istanbul toursch

      Great job 😉 I never knew about the framework themese..

    • R4 DSI


      The word press is very easy to create the blog with professional looking…!!! meet again.

    • Dinesh Verma

      Thesis is the best after that i think Thematic is pretty cool too.

    • Mani Viswanathan

      I will try out Thematic. If I achieve something good out of it, then would go for the developer licence of thesis for professional designing.

    • Gines

      Well said Ashwin. These are some of the reasons why I’m redesigning and using Thematic.

      Thanks for sharing. Have a good one.

    • Ashwin

      @magesh thanks. yes I am already doing professional skin design designs for Thesis and Genesis. It’s fun

      @Gines Thematic is cool. have a good time with it 🙂

      @Sajib Yes Woothemes is good but unfortunately I haven’t spent good time with their themes

      @Blinkky Yes they are definitely good for SEO if configured the right way 😉

    • Sajib

      Nice information. But I’d rather go with premium ones, especially the ones from woothemes. I think wooframeworks are amazing.

    • Blinkky

      A lot of bloggers use Theme as it’s good for SEO =)

    • magesh

      good one, i’ve been using these kinda theme frameworks for a long time.. building new themes with these frameworks is so easy.. you’ve gotta try it 🙂

    • Nitin Kumar Jain

      Good one … I never knew about the framework themese …

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