Which Elements Included In Every Killer Blog Post

Which Elements Should Be Included in Every Killer Blog Post

Building a highly-reputable blog for your website or business requires ample time and dedication. As search engines and consumers alike become more demanding, the bar continues to be raised for content quality and frequency. Many brands find themselves exhausted from pursuing strategies necessary to attract new visitors and customers.

Which Elements Included In Every Killer Blog Post

Ultimately, every blog post should strive to tick off a few elements on any brand’s priority list. Regardless of niche or target audience, the following elements are must-have factors that should be incorporated into every blog post your brand creates.

A Call to Action

Every piece of content you produce for your blog should have at least one specific call to action within it. Calls to action are exactly what they sound like: specific actions you want the reader to engage in upon reading the content.
With this approach, you could opt to persuade somebody to purchase a new e-book, subscribe to your mailing list, share the post, sign a petition, or any number of other valid and relevant actions. By convincing readers to engage with your brand on a deeper level, you’ll be able to build a stronger community, increase profits and/or increase your brand’s reach.

A Great Headline

Any killer blog post needs a tantalising element in order to lure people into reading it in the first place. In most cases, this means a great headline. Blog posts that utilise their headlines to inform readers what the post is about – while leaving a bit to the imagination – can easily generate more clicks for their content than the average blog post.

It’s important not to be misleading with your headline, but leaving some room for interpretation is a common tactic in headline creation. To find out more about creating great headlines, click here.


In order to truly create a killer blog post, you need to include more than just text. Supplementing any blog post with various forms of multimedia – images, personal photos, podcasts, embedded social media posts, and so forth – can really help drive home the point(s) you’re trying to make.

Many people are visual learners. By including more multimedia in your blog posts, you’ll be better positioned to keep their attention spans and turn them into loyal readers and followers. Additionally, search engines such as Google love multimedia-rich blogs, which means you’ll be more likely to improve SEO outcomes by doing this.


Last but not least, great blog posts tend to be those that encourage engagement and interaction with the broader community. Without an interactive element, a blog post is less likely to be seen and shared.

This is why allowing comments on each blog post is vital. Additionally, make sure that you’ve fully integrated social media channels into your website, so that people can easily comment and share via their social media profiles. As more people share and comment – particularly through social media – more of their friends are likely to see the post and engage as well.

Building the best blog posts takes plenty of effort. While not every blog post you make will be wildly successful, you can increase the chances by incorporating a few elements. Pick a great headline, make the post interactive, include plenty of multimedia and always utilise calls to action. If you follow these guidelines, you can drastically improve the performance of most blog posts on your website.

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  1. Yes, adding catchy multimedia is getting more and more important – most people will find difficult to read through a long wall of text, but will likely love an infographic or a short video 🙂

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