What types of franchises are best for parents?

Parenthood is always the start of a new adventure, and for some parents, the need to change the way they work opens up franchising as a world of new business opportunities. Franchise businesses are a highly accessible way of building your own business and can fit around the joys and challenges of starting and growing a family. It’s also a growing market worldwide with new services and outlets opening every minute, contributing $2.3 trillion per year to the global economy with 19 million jobs in two million franchised firms worldwide.

What Types Of Franchises Are Best For Parents

Business opportunities

The benefits of franchising for parents include:

– Flexibility to manage their own working time to fit the needs of their family

– Strong support structures from the parent brand allow you to draw down from experience when building a business

– The opportunity to bring family members together and work towards a common goal

How parents can start a franchise

Parents may choose to take on a franchise due to a perception that joining an established brand could be seen as a financially safer option than going at it alone. This cautious approach to investment sits well within a franchise model and makes sense when raising a family comes with significant financial obligations. Franchise businesses often come with support from other franchisees and a parent company with significant experience in business development, accounting, and marketing. This means it’s an attractive option for parents that want to establish and grow a business quickly to be able to support their family. The initial cost of taking on a new business is another important consideration here, with options across a range of industries and low-cost franchises for sale available that make the initial jump less daunting than creating a business in its own right. Businesses that can be readily built with support from expert support teams include care franchises, fitness franchises, merchandising franchises, photography franchises, and property franchises but there are opportunities available at all levels for all skill sets. Franchise businesses are particularly appealing for those that have an ambitious approach to their earning power, income from franchises is uncapped and can grow quickly.

Home-based franchises

Flexibility is another key benefit of choosing to franchise. Depending on the product or services the family chooses to work with, parents have the ability to work from home some or all of the time, which helps with work-life balance and childcare responsibilities. This ability to choose how to work, scheduling client appointments at home, remotely or in working spaces as needed, is particularly appealing to women, and large numbers of mothers are choosing to buy into franchises. These “mumpreneurs” explain a home-based franchise business means they can plan their diaries around school events, birthdays, and other important occasions they don’t want to miss out on by being tied to an office. Choosing to start a franchise also allows parents to bring a wide range of professional skills and experience into their new business, accountancy franchises, business consulting franchises, cleaning franchises, and education franchises all work well from home and allow for a new way of working that embraces family life.

Benefits of franchising

Another key benefit in choosing a franchise is the sense that families can come together to build something for the future which they can all contribute to. Flexible workplaces can create spaces where children can be part of the team, taking on small tasks according to their age and allowing them to develop important business skills they can use later in life. More widely, it’s not unusual to see grandparents stepping into roles within a franchise, bringing volumes of experience and customer focus that can build a firm that truly keeps family values and compassion at its heart. Opportunites here are wide and varied, including vending franchises, b2b franchises, magazine franchises, mortgage franchises, plumbing franchises, recruitment franchises and business training franchises.

Start a franchise

As discussed above it’s important to find a franchise that suits your family’s values, needs and ability to invest. A franchise database is a great starting point to pick through opportunities like home services franchises, print & sign franchises, travel & leisure franchises, green franchises, or hotel franchises to find the best options, choices and support packages that meet your needs. Parenting is the journey of a lifetime and choosing to franchise as your family grows and changes very safely puts you in the driving seat for the years ahead.

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