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What to Do When Your Writing Client Fired You?


In digital marketing, it is not every day that you will get to hear praises from the one who hired you to do writing jobs. Sometimes, you will experience receiving fatal blows—and that includes losing your job.

This would certainly make you feel bad, especially when freelance writing is what you love doing, aside of course from your intention to gain profit.

However, what exactly do you think is the reason your client fired you? Alternatively, is there any apparent reason?

What To Do When Your Writing Client Fired You?

Sometimes, there’s no point to waste time on figuring out the real reason your client no longer needs your services. Instead of crying over spilled milk, think what to do now, how to deal with the situation, and try to face this problem with your head high, especially when so many writing services offer competitive prices, look for content storytellers and specialized writers, and are ready to meet you with open arms.

If you still can’t rebind from firing, this article will help to mend your broken heart of a writer, bring you back to your laptop, and make you start writing again. Plus, some resources to get a couple of writing projects while looking for new clients would be nice to have, too, wouldn’t it?

So, what to do after you’ve been fired?

Keep Calm

Though this may be easier said than done especially when things are beginning to heat up between you and your client, try your best to be reasonable even when you are in a foul mood.

You will not be able to resolve anything with a supercharged temper and could only end up worsening the situation. Keep your head cool and be the bigger person. Blow off some steam before reacting violently, try to analyze the situation.

It may not occur to you at first, but you it might be your fault why you got fired after all. Take a break, breathe, and clear your mind before you execute an appropriate solution.

Retrace Your Actions

Everything would seem harder to deal with when pride gets in the way. It is easy to get mad at your client for firing you especially if you are not aware of what the grounds were, but take the time to evaluate yourself and see if you are to blame for what happened.

Perhaps your client was offended by something you have written, or you keep on including in your content the things they always tell you not to. Retrace your steps and go back to the problem at hand—it would be easier to find a solution to it if you would be able to determine first what caused it. Find out what mistakes you might have made along the way and think of how you can correct these and prevent them from happening again in your future writing ventures.

Be Professional

If there would be such time when your client would throw hurtful words or curses at you, keep your grace intact.

See to it that you thank your client for choosing you and paying for your services. Let them know that you are grateful for the opportunity they gave you and for the rare chance of working with them.
Maintain a Strong Relationship with them

Probably the very last thing that you want to happen right now is for you to have a more solid business relationship with your client. For you, this is just plain impossible and ridiculous. However, apparently, maintaining a good relationship with your client is an important step in getting over your firing. Besides, you never know when you might be working with them in the future so it would be best to keep your ties strong and let everything end on a good note.

Surely you’ve heard the phrase “all’s well that ends well”—this can also be applied to when your writing client fired you. However, worry not, because in a dynamic digital marketing environment we have today, you are guaranteed to be given more opportunities for growth, especially when your most-awaited writing break comes. Move on from what happened and stay active!

Don’t ignore alternatives

The client who has fired you is not the one and only source of interesting writing projects and income for you. There are plenty more fish in the sea, and it would be wise to consider alternative options while looking for regular clients.

Fortunately for us, the online world bubbles with opportunities for writers, especially if they are professionals in multiple writing styles. Here come several services you can try to find interesting writing projects:

Skyword this resource might be a savior of freelance writers, specialized in web content creation and content marketing. As well as Contently, Skyword helps brands with storytelling and generating top-notch content for business blogs. If you are a freelance writer with the skills they need, they will meet you with open arms.

Upwork – the largest online workplace for freelances in different fields. Create a profile with resumes and portfolio, look for projects, offer your writing services, or wait for your client to find you.

Contently if you are passionate about great content on the Web, you can apply for a freelance job at this website. They help brands create content and make it rock with smart technology, content marketing, and creative solutions.

TechWriters – if you are an expert in technical writing, this resource may become your saviour while looking for a new writing job. Check open jobs, apply for a job uploading your resume and writing samples, or just improve your skills and learn new info reading their informative blog.

PayToWriteEssays – apply to join the team of professional academic writers. If you are good in writing essays, theses, dissertations, and reports or you are a king of proofreading and editing, this resource is a good option for you to develop skills and learn useful info on education and writing.

Fiverr – create your Gig, tell what you can do, sell your services to ones who need them. Fiverr is a global marketplace offering creative services, beginning at a cost of $5. It will take you five minutes to create a profile and offers, and people who need your writing services will find you.

Back on topic, always keep in mind that it is a small world – you may end up working with the clients who let go of your services.

Unless you have completely burnt your bridges with them, you will have a shot at redemption and prove them wrong by keeping your composure and being professional through and through.


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