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5 Websites That Allow You to Earn Money While You Save Money


Do you think you’re doing your absolute best when it comes to bargain hunting and saving money on your purchases? Think again. There are ways to go even further.

Earn money while you save money. Sounds like a pretty good idea, right? Well, believe it or not – it’s possible!

You’re already into finding coupons, using promo codes, and saving money. Why not take advantage of opportunities that will save you even more? This way, you’ll have more to spend on the stuff you want.

It’s truly amazing. You can actually get paid to be frugal. It’s about time you get rewarded for being good with your money!

There are websites that specialize in saving people money and they do a great job at it. Then there are sites that will not only do that, but they’ll give you free money, too.

When it comes to how it’s done, there are different ways in which website will pay you while you browse and use their coupons and offers. We’ll explain this more in detail with 5 different examples of websites that allow you to earn money while you coupon hunt.

Discover ways to make a little extra cash while you’re doing your coupon searching routine. With this list of 5 websites, it’s actually possible to earn money while you save money.



As BeFrugal says, it’s all about stacking your savings. Earning money while you’re saving money is a double whammy, and that’s what BeFrugal aims to do. They started in 2009, yet they’ve definitely become an established part of the couponing community.

BeFrugal has over 5,000 stores worth of coupons and they offer customers all of the commission money they earn for sending shoppers to a brand’s website. That’s a really amazing way to show their users that they care!

Brands will pay a premium to BeFrugal just for sending customers over to them, and you get to reap all the benefits.

BeFrugal is an unstoppable force when it comes to saving, saving, saving. You’re already getting a great discount when you find a coupon at BeFrugal. The on top of it, earn cash back on your purchases!

They already have a 125% cash back rate guarantee, but there’s also bonus cash back specials, and BeFrugal will keep you in-the-know of when those specials are happening. You’ll have the ability to earn double or triple the amount of cash back you normally would on a purchase. Super exciting!

Not only can you earn cash back, but you’ll get rewarded if you find a coupon on their website that does not work. BeFrugal works to maintain a healthy coupon network that doesn’t leave you hanging. If you spot a coupon that doesn’t work, BeFrugal will give you $5! Because of this kind of thoroughness, it makes for an efficient and well-oiled coupon promo code machine.

BeFrugal qualifies as one of the best websites that allows you to earn money while you save money because it values being as frugal as you.

Don’t just save on fantastic coupons, get paid too!



With this next one, we’re shifting to a grocery shopping centric coupon app. SavingStar is a free app that lets you earn money while you use coupons.

SavingStar launched as late as 2011, yet they’ve become a major competitor. They’re backed by investors like American Express, Edenred, IA Ventures, and others.

The app will track your purchases as you gain cash in your SavingStar account. Browse the app to see what deals are available and make purchases based on your personal grocery list.

In order to score on the amazing deals, you have to sign up with your email. Once you’re a member, you’re free to use their available deals on grocery items. Save on all types of trusted brands and popular products. Over 60,000 stores are featured on SavingStar, so there’s no doubt your favorite store will have some terrific coupons for you to use.

In order to start racking up cash, you’ll need to find out if you’re required to register a store you shop with or if you just need to show your receipt. For example, you need to register your SavingStar card with CVS in order to make money on purchases made at that store. If it’s a store that you need to show your receipt from, you simply submit the receipt through the app or website.

Once you’ve reached $20 in your SavingStar account, your money will be transferred directly to your bank account.

It’s an app that’s been featured in Time, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and Parents Magazine.

SavingStar has a whopping 7 million members, so it’s a tried and true resource for websites that allow you to earn money while you save money. Not bad for a company that started 9 years ago!



When it comes to coupons, Dealspotr knows what they’re doing. Dealspotr puts an emphasis on working coupons, because they know how much consumers have been burnt by promo codes in the past.

Too many times has someone tried a coupon website and discovered that barely any of the coupon promo codes work when they go to buy something. Dealspotr makes sure that when you go to try promo codes at checkout, they’ll actually work.

Do you ever catch yourself inputting useless promo codes into the promo code field at checkout only to see the red lettering that says “Promo code invalid”? That can be so disappointing.

Dealspotr Coupon

The internet is packed full of half-baked coupon promo code websites and it’s made it confusing for the consumer to know which ones are actually offering something. Dealspotr prides itself on being “the internet’s largest and most reliable database of promo codes.” In a perfect world, every promo code should work!

It takes a lot of effort to make sure each coupon featured on Dealspotr’s website works. This is where the sense of community comes from when you visit Dealspotr’s website.

When you go to Dealspotr, you’ll see that fellow users have rated the coupons that are available. You’ll also see comments made by people who are dishing on their experience after using that specific coupon promo code.

Let’s look at an example.

Click on a coupon and it’ll look like this image below. You’ll see a rating of how likely it is to work.

The line looks pretty green, which means it’s likely to work if you try.

In this second image, you’ll see what you’d see if you scrolled down on the coupon page. There are user comments letting fellow Dealspotr users know that this J.Crew coupon will, in fact, work.

You also get a lot of detailed information at times. People are super involved with this coupon website! The reason for their involvement is for the love of the coupon community, but it’s also because there’s cash incentive — yes, finally you’re seeing how you can save money while shopping!

When you use Dealspotr, letting the community know the validity of the coupon you used can help you earn points towards Amazon gift cards. It pays to help out, and it’s easy to do.

If you see that a coupon posted does not work, let the community know! It’s a friendly thing to do so that people are aware that it won’t work before they go try putting in the promo code at checkout. Not only is it helpful, you’ll earn points doing it (which can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards!).

You can also add your own deals. After you make an account with Dealspotr, you’ll see this green “Add a new deal” button on the left side of the homepage. So if you spot a great coupon in the wild, let the Dealspotr community know and get paid while you do it!

You can also try out Deal Posting Projects, which allow you to search for and add coupon codes from stores that will allow you to earn the maximum amount of points possible.

So as you can see, Dealspotr is definitely one of the most popular websites that allows you to earn money while you save money.



LivingSocial became a big name in the coupon game when it came out around 2007. Everyone was talking about this great service that offered discounts on everyday items and hotels.

It’s been over a decade and LivingSocial is still going strong and saving you big on stores like Costco. It’s better known for their travel offers including tours, hotels, and cruises. It’s primarily an events and socializing type of app that connects people through things happening in their city.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to go out. When you use LivingSocial, you save money. If you shop LivingSocial deals while using Ebates, you’ll get cash back. Thus, earning money while you save money. Voila!

Ebates works like this. Brands will pay Ebates to send their customer to their stores. Ebates then shares the money it makes with you when you shop with them. This cash back way of payment is awesome because you don’t have to put any work in, yet you still make money!


So hop over to Ebates, type in “LivingSocial” on the search bar at the top of the page, and browse deals. You do need to make an account with Ebates before you can start using their coupons, but the sign up process is a breeze.



Last but certainly not least is Extrabux. This website is dedicated to making sure you spend the least amount possible on a product by showing you all the available stores that have your item and what they cost.

Find the largest discounted items in fashion, electronics, home & garden, health & beauty, baby & kids, and pet products with no hidden fees or payments to use their service.

You’ll see all the prices, so that you can pick the choice that saves you the most.

Extrabux also has a “Hot Deals” section that’ll show you the best discounts available at the moment. The tab can be found at the top of the page.

Extrabux will also pay you while you save. Their cash back rewards program will let you make some extra money while you browse the best deals. You’ll be paid through PayPal, which makes it extremely pain free.

It’s free to join, so all you need to do is sign up and make an account with your email address. You’ll also receive the money you earned quickly, only taking from a day to a week to transfer over.

Extrabux has been featured as a good source for deals on Good Morning America, NY Daily News, and Kiplinger.


Now that we’ve filled you in on the best way to save money while you make money, there’s no reason why you won’t see major changes in your overall shopping life.

Thank goodness for websites that allow you to earn money while you save money. Now you can have a more guilt-free shopping spree when you know that you’re making cash and spending less at the same time. It’s a two-in-one shopping experience that just can’t be beaten.


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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