How to Track Website Visitors

Your website is being visited by several unwanted visitors, and of course, you are not glad about it. Do not worry, with a little knowledge and endeavor you can solve your problem. This article will surely help you to track the unknown visitors to your website. To understand how to track these visitors is really essential for you to keep and convert them to sales, lead and repeat visitors. There are many ways to track your visitors and analyze the visitors’ behavior on your precious website. A good way to track the visitors effectively is to have a fairly good statistics package being worked upon in the background. Although figuring out what kind of a package is the best for you can be really tricky.

How To Track Website Visitors

Unless your site is earning good revenue, you should better start off with something that is free, and as the site grows, you might be willing to pay for a few features. Given below are a few packages which include both free and paid solutions which will allow your site to succeed and help you to track your visitors.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is probably the most popular analytics package for individual site owners. Google Analytics lets you probe deep down into your stats to check the breakdowns of the individual regions, cities, provinces and various other items to identify and track your site visitors better. The data wealth available is wonderfully balanced through a well- executed user interface. The package has e-commerce– specific tools to track sales, and it integrates with AdWords. Google Analytics is really an overwhelming package.

ClickBack Software

Clickback is a lead generation and website visitor tracking software that has helped numerous companies succeed by tracking and targeting qualified leads. Founded in 2001 as a simple email sending app, it has since grown to become a large software offering for B2B companies accelerate their companies’ growth.


Sitemeter has a convenient free version for the smaller bloggers with around 1,00,000 visitors monthly which offers most of the usual tools that a webmaster can expect like visit durations, tracking referrals and so on and so forth. But if you have a larger site then there is a paid version for you based upon the volume of your visitors.


AWStats is almost always pre-installed by most web hosting companies. If you want to set up your own servers, you may download it for your individual use. AWStats probes deeper into several referring sites’ information than most of the analytics packages and is the right tool to monitor if someone is hot linking files from your website. It also offers all the usual useful and necessary tools that you can expect from any statistics package. Besides all of this AWstats is also a wonderful detective tool for the band width thieves.


W3Counter too comes in a paid as well as free version. If you have a free W3Counter account, you may easily track as much as 5,000 page views in a day across 10 sites and can check all of their usual stats. Plus, you also get a bonus which you may share with anybody you want via an API that allows you to build new tools or through widgets for your personal blog. For the sites which have higher traffic, you may go for a Pro account that lets you track about a million views in a month.


Right now, Woopra is in a closed beta test. However, it still offers you a lot of data if you can get in. Real-time data are worked upon and streamed from your website that may appear on a map letting you see graphically where the readers are coming from and what sort of keyboards brought them in and the referring sites too. A unique ability that Woopra offers is that you can open a chat window with the visitors of your preference as they browse and surf your website. Another wonderful feature is that the data is usually presented in a desktop application to you. The users of WordPress can easily install a plugin which can let them see the data their blog’s data.


StatCounter may have a very simple interface, but it deftly and subtly handles multi-author blogs which allow you to easily assign unique codes to every author. Although it is free and works well, you need to keep clicking on the links to see every analytic result on a separate page. Despite the unpolished looks, the site offers you readable stats on several things like traffic sources, keywords as well as other useful information.


ShinyStat was designed in the beginning to monitor visits to the Italian websites but now is available all over the world to different sites and offers wonderful software packages to the professional as well as individual users who need to track marketing and also business owners who need to monitor ROI and sales. It also provides a level of service especially for ISPs in installing and including with the hosting accounts.

Tracking visitors is really important for your website, knowing where visitors are coming and what they do can really help you to develop a successful site. Use all the information given above and help your site to become a really successful one.

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