Top 3 Ways to Get Diamonds in Fortnite

Whether it’s a game or real world, everyone wants to have diamonds. And the same goes for Fortnite, diamonds are one of the currencies that you can spend to get the most exclusive and rare items in the game. But just like in real life, diamonds are hard to get your hands on for free, unless you can spend some real cash to buy them.

Top Ways To Get Diamonds In Fortnite

You can get pretty much get anything using diamonds, be it rare items, Elite passes and so much more! But not everyone has some spare bucks in their pockets to throw away on in-game diamonds, so everyone is looking for ways to get these shiny stones for free. 

Well, its your lucky day, as we have made a list of top 3 ways to get free diamonds in Fortnite!

Reward Apps

One of the best ways to earn yourself some quick diamonds in Fortnite is using the reward apps. And there are ton of these reward apps out there, with different surveys and tasks that you can complete to earn points that you can later spend on diamonds. 

And the one that we recommend is Google Opinion Rewards, as it is the safest and trusted way to earn play points. It’s easy to use and you can get started right away with short and easy surveys.

Get Paid to Apps

The other way to get diamonds in Fortnite is somewhat similar to the first one but with a few changes as there are ton of things you can do besides completing the surveys. Users can complete different tasks, try out simple quizzes and much more to earn points or get rewards with the gift cards. 

You can easily spend these in Fortnite to buy diamonds and use the diamonds to buy pretty much anything you want. 

Trading Sites

All these apps and websites do work and you can earn some points and rewards but it takes time and sometimes they run out of surveys. The quickest and probably cheapest way to get diamonds in Fortnite is to buy them on Trading sites. 

While, there is plethora of trading sites out there but we would recommend Eldorado as it is the safest option, not to mention cheapest one to buy a ton of diamonds. Not only Fortnite but it offers deals on all your favorite games including PUBG and Free Fire.

Note: There are plenty of third party applications out there that might seem legit but be careful and don’t use apps that are not trusted.

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