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Top 4 Most Popular Blogging Trends In 2019


Blogging for businesses and individuals remains the best way to promote your brand. The platform has experienced exponential growth with new trends emerging every year. 2019 is not any different from life-changing trends that are transforming the perception of followers and boosting your profile as a blogger. If you are struggling with your schoolwork, allow a professional dissertation team to help you complete the work fast, and get the best grades. 

Top Most Popular Blogging Trends In

The blog space is becoming increasingly competitive as individuals and businesses seek to boost their presence. Blogging platforms have also added more features to assist bloggers and also make their platforms more competitive. These blogging platforms are also looking for new ways to attract traffic to their platforms. 

In 2019, certain behaviors and trends have been noted among the most competitive bloggers. They highlight the habits that are keeping them on top of their game and enabling bloggers to attract more attention. Here are some of the trends. 

Going Live

Live streaming on social media and blog spaces is the latest trend in the market. Live streaming places the blogger and the viewer or follower at the center of the activity happening. For instance, a travel blogger can showcase the places he or she is visiting in real-time. The live-feed may be announced, or the blogger will stream spontaneously. 

Live streams are extremely engaging. Followers like the video, comment, and can even invite their friends to watch. The blogger makes live commentaries about a place or event. Companies are using this feature and trend to launch products and communicate with followers in real-time. Games and sporting events are also being streamed live on social media. The video is then saved for interested fans to access it in the future. 

Inviting Guest To Your Blog

The guest post is one of the fastest-growing blogging trends in 2019. This is a collaborative approach to blogging aimed at tapping into the resources and followership of other people. An example is where two associated brands share the content of each other. If a blogger has a million followers, while the other has a million, a joint project will be shared with a total of 2 million followers. 

Guest posts also help to improve traffic to your website and also grow your fan base. People who did not know your brand will notice you and even click on your blog or social media platform once they see your content on a page. It also enhances your creativity and provides readers or followers with dynamic content. 

Visually Appealing Content

The age of reading through lengthy and continuous text is gone. Readers today are looking for simple content or a format that is both easy to extract information and understand. Bloggers are, therefore, moving away from lengthy or voluminous text to a combination of videos, images, and text. 

Images can be used to replace a thousand words when explaining a process or procedure. The interruption of a white reading plate with images or videos also makes your content more appealing. Engaging the eyes and minds of your readers when they are consuming content on your website will make the message memorable. 

Engage With Your Followers 

Top bloggers are going beyond the provision of content. They are providing an opportunity for their readers and followers to participate in shaping the content on their websites. The audience is participating by sharing their views and even forming part of the discussion.

The call to action will be more powerful if the blog meets the expectations of your readers. Ask the readers relevant questions, provide a chance for them to like your content, leave comments, and even share the content on other platforms. The readers or followers will feel like a part of your blog. They become part of the community and will invite their friends and peers. The approach makes your blog more popular. 

Blogging platforms are providing a chance for multiple format content. Updating or uploading your content on multiple platforms is also a growing trend. Keep up with the trends to boost your blogging profile. 


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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