Tips to establish your Publication as A-list Blogging Empire

A large section of people love writing on varied niches, and the evolution of the internet has given them numerous opportunities. Before the internet era, people who wanted to publish their content had to approach a publishing house, wait for their approval, and follow their guidelines and standards to make the work published. But, the evolution of the internet changed everything, and you have the absolute freedom to write the way you like and bring it to the audience.

Tips To Establish Your Publication As A List Blogging Empire

Blogs became one of the best ways to communicate one’s thoughts to the readers, without any overlook or rejection possibilities. While creating a blog and writing about your passion is an effortless task, make it reaching a large audience and creating grand success is not an easy job. But, if you put some extra efforts, you can establish your blog as very popular.

Focus on Viral Contents

Within your niche, you can target the possible viral topics that can pull more readers. Viral posts have the power of more than your 1,000 normal posts, and three or four such viral posts with significant readership in regular intervals of time have the power to add a sizable number of subscribers as well as regular visitors to your blog. To trace viral topics, you have to be focused on latest trends and stay on top of it – always. Also, you can make use of Reddit, Digg, BuzzFeed, and more to learn the popular topics. Efficient use of Google Trends as well as Facebook Trending would give you greater insights on identifying the popular topics.

Prioritize Visual Content

In many situations, visual contents like images, graphics, videos, and more communicate your thoughts better than your words. Due to that reason, most of the viral contents are either a video, image, or graphics, and it reaches millions of people around the globe in a short span of time. Not everyone is interested in reading blogs, but most of them go for visual contents as it easily and quickly connects with them. The reason why Pinterest, Instagram, and other visual-based social media platforms are a large success is due to this factor. You have to make a realistic approach to your posts and comprehend whether the visual content or your words efficiently communicate the thoughts, and choose your content type according to it. In all your blog posts, try to maximize the visual content wherever possible.


This is an important part of a successful blog which often people forget to understand the importance of it. Choosing the right blog name reflecting the niche you are concentrating is the most important part of branding. You can either choose to get your branding done by a professional branding and designing company which is costly, or you can design your logo by yourself. Nowadays, in the age of AI, there is online branding & logo maker like Tailor Brands where you can make a logo for your blog to connect with the readers and make communication easier. The online branding of your blog gives you some advantages like uniform theme colors, language, and more across all the platforms including your blog, social media pages, and other relevant channels of broadcasts. This helps your blog visually recognized on all those platforms, and your audience develops a level of personal connectivity to your contents.

Use the Power of Social Media

There is no dispute on the power of social media channels as a large majority of contents are becoming viral through Facebook, Twitter, and other channels. When you start your blog, you can also create Facebook as well as Twitter pages for the same and attract a large number of social media users. You can actively involve in the discussions and activities of various social media groups focusing on your niche and smartly promote your content on those discussion groups. It would give you access to a large number of targeted audience who are interested in your niche. Also, social news aggregation platforms like Reddit and Digg would also help you reach more audience within specified niches.

Pay Attention to SEO

Noone can forget search engines as a significant majority of the new readers come by searching the keywords on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other platforms. The job involves identifying the one or two long-tail keywords that can fit in your content and ensure sufficient search results. Then, you have to optimize those keywords in your content. Using highly engaging and optimized blog title, meta title, and meta description are also important for each blog posts. Other aspects include optimized images, trusted external links, topic clusters, and more also improve page ranking. Finally, the significance of mobile-friendly pages and SSL certificates on sites are becoming important factors of ranking in the recent years. The use of analytical tools can give you better inputs and help you to improve your SEO.


The primary aspect that is making a blog successful is your approach to put hard work on it. While a large majority of people have knowledge on specific niches, they do not put efforts to make it reach the maximum audience. If you are not sure about how to market your blog online, you can seek the assistance of third parties to get it done. However, it is always advisable to learn the strategy of making excellent readership for your content as the efforts of third parties may not be highly focused as yours.

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