4 Things You Need in Your Food Delivery App

This year comes with several major benefits when it comes to digitalization. One of the topics we think is the most interesting is on demand food delivery app development because as you can tell by now, it is one of the hottest fields out there.

Things You Need In Your Food Delivery App

Right this second, you can just open an app, tap a few buttons, and have your favorite meal delivered right to your door. You no longer have to brave the cold or go through the trouble of getting dressed to go out, and what’s even better, you can enjoy your tasty take-out right from the comfort of your couch.

So what are some features you need to have on your food delivery app?

1. Customized Personal Profile

One of the main reasons people tend to frequent the same places (e.g. restaurants, stores, and so on) is that they already know their way around and know what they like. If we’re perfectly honest, we don’t like to have to think a lot when it comes to our fast-food order, and that’s why a customized personal profile can go a long way for a food delivery app.

What do we mean by customized profile? Simply a profile that includes the customer’s most used address(es), their preferred payment method, and indeed, their favorite restaurants.

Imagine you’re ordering pizza. You don’t have the time and patience to actually remember where you ordered from last time and why you liked it. But you don’t have to, since the app remembers that for you! And with your address and payment method already on hand, ordering that Pepperoni pizza you’ve been craving only takes 2 seconds.

2. Tracking

There’s nothing worse than having to wait for your food order when you’re really hungry, and not being able to track it is even worse. One of the things your food delivery app needs to incorporate is live tracking so that the customer can feel involved. It’s easy to get frustrated when you check the clock and see it’s been 30 minutes since your order, especially if you don’t know what they’re doing over there. Seeing the order progress gives the impression something is being done about it and that your order will arrive shortly.

3. Visual Menus

People are highly visual creatures, mainly because the information in the picture travels faster to our brain than the information in the description. This is why it’s important that your menu consists of beautiful and accurate pictures, as well as a detailed description!

 4. Rating

You know how in the olden days, you used to walk by a restaurant and if there were people sitting down, you’d assume it was a good place and go in? That’s what we do today with ratings and reviews. Since you lack the ability to visually check how many customers a restaurant has, you rely on what other people have said about it, which is why your food delivery app needs a smart rating service.

2020 has shown us that food delivery is a big part of the future – what’s one must-have food app feature for you?

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