The Perfect Guide To Promoting Clickfunnels As An Affiliate In 2020

Looking to make money by becoming a Clickfunnels affiliate? If you find yourself here it means you have heard how lucrative it is to become one. 

For those who have no clue about it, you have come to the right place. You will find the answers to all your questions about promoting Clickfunnels as an affiliate right here.

The Perfect Guide To Promoting Clickfunnels As An Affiliate

The company pays its affiliates generously. Their affiliate program is one of the highest paying affiliate programs globally. Online marketers claim to make thousands per year by promoting as an affiliate. With a little guidance, you can become one too!

This guide will help you figure out what it is and how to become the perfect Clickfunnels promoter as an affiliate. 

What Exactly Is Clickfunnels?

For those who don’t understand what Clickfunnels is, it is a software that was created to help internet businesses. It helps them process their sales.

It helps businesses build every level of their sales funnel. With the help of this software, the business can control every step of the buying process. You don’t have to become a tech expert to use it.

The software became widely popular because it provides all the solutions to building an internet business. You won’t need separate solutions for page building, web hosting, content managing, auto email responding, etc.

This software attends to every aspect of the sales funnel and it’s so easy that anyone can use it. To understand more about Clickfunnels, click here.

Why Take This On?

The rewards and commissions from the Clickfunnels affiliate program is fantastic. The affiliate program will give you a 30% recurring commission for sales. You will also earn a 30% commission from all products related to Clickfunnels!

They have been very generous to affiliates and offer them many exciting rewards. You can earn 100% commission for sales with their One Funnel Away Challenge! 

They also have a reward that pays per month for the lease of your dream car. With 100 paying customers you get 500 each month and with 200 you can get 1000!

Earn thousands of dollars by becoming a full time earning affiliate. Receive training from an expert who has in-depth knowledge and become a professional clickfunnels affiliate.

Promote Clickfunnels As An Expert Affiliate

Different from other affiliate programs, Clickfunnels gives you innovative rewards. For example, with the sticky cookie, you are rewarded commission for every sale made from any customer who clicked your link.

To reap all the rewards of this affiliate program, you have to know and understand tricks and strategies. Become a successful affiliate with these expert strategies of promotion.

Promote On Social Media

Use social media to find new clients for Clickfunnels. Social media allows you opportunity to get up close and personal with your potential client. As a salesperson, successfully engaging your clients in a must.

For example, if you are using a Facebook Page or Group, you can directly talk to the clients about their sales funnel needs. Use media like videos and photos with an effective sales pitch.

You can also use media on Instagram, Twitter, etc to attract buyers. Work as a consultant and guide those who are most likely to become a potential buyer. 

Encourage them to contact you through message if they are surely making a purchase. You can guide them through the buying process.

Promote using websites, blogs and vlogs

You can create your Clickfunnels promotion website. All you have to do is buy a domain and connect it to a hosting. You can easily learn how to do this by taking an affiliate training course. Try the easy and affordable training course available at IMSource Academy.

Use your website or blog to promote it. Like any other online marketeer, use your sales strategies to promote it. Expose the uses and qualities of the product to your potential clients.

You can make vlogs or promotional videos on youtube. If you are good at making verbal persuasive sales pitch, use that for videos. Even if you don’t want to show your face, create audio clips to use on your videos.

Create A Service Related To Clickfunnels

Use your marketing know-how to come up with a service related to Clickfunnels.

For example, you can create a service out of guiding people through the process of using the software. Even if you provide this service for free, only provide it for people who have agreed to purchase the product or have already made the purchase.

Try using a means of promoting your service. You use ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Or even make your page on social media. The best way to promote is by pairing two or three methods of promotion to aid each other.

Specialize On A Niche Market

You can do better by aiming at a particular market. Do some research to understand which sectors have the least amount of affiliates working for them. Do some research to understand which sectors have the least amount of affiliates working for them.

If you already have some knowledge of a particular sector or work for it, try aiming for that niche market. For example, if you are a gym instructor, you can aim for gyms and other well-being related services. 

If there is a particular market you feel passionate about, promote Clickfunnels to that market.

Find and Help New Clients

This will require a lot of work and training but the results are very rewarding. You can look around your local businesses and find one that doesn’t provide online services or uses an outdated website.

Target startups or lead generation clients who potentially need Clickfunnels. Demonstrate how they can use the service and what are the potential benefits.

A new business can benefit a lot from this software. Not only will you be making commissions but you will be helping a business grow. It is a win-win for everyone!

Specialize On Sales funnels

Start by becoming specialized in sales funnels. Creating content that steers people towards the signup page of Clickfunnels. SEO articles focused on the keywords are an excellent way of promoting sales.

If you are good at writing SEO articles or in general good at writing convincing sales related articles, choose this path.

You can also use the feature of share funnels with your articles. These share funnel links will lead your clients to the signup page. They will track the clients you bring and you will receive commissions for every paid client you bring.

You can easily add this share funnels links on your blogs, websites, social media pages, videos, etc. Use this simple way to bring potential clients.


Becoming a Clickfunnels affiliate is one of the easiest and rewarding ways of becoming a successful internet marketer. Take a course and build your skills as an affiliate.

There are numerous ways to become an efficient affiliate. Use the methods mentioned above to become a successful, full time earning Clickfunnels affiliate.

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