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Steganography — The Art Of Hiding Using DOS Commands


SteganographyAfter a long time today I am back with some interesting topic which is actually very tricky. This post will actually show a trick which will help you to develop steganography with the help of simple DOS commands. Before that lets learn what exactly steganography is and why it is used.

Steganography is art and science of hiding facts behind a false or useless but interesting element. In this process no one other than the sender and the and the recipient can view this. Cryptography is combined with steganography just for the reason that, if also the message is discovered it cannot be read. The main difference lies in the existence of cryptography and steganography.

In Cryptography one can know that a message is encrypted. But in Steganography one cannot know or observe about it simply because its hidden behind an image, video or an audio etc… which without keen observation might go without any suspicion. Steganography was widely used by the terrorists. In 9/11 attacks of the World Trade Center Stenography was used at a higher rate. This was discovered during the post attack investigation.

Hence friends it depends upon us how to use things positively or negatively. Following is the trick how to use it.

Open Command Prompt or Go to Start > Run, type cmd.

Now type copy /B original.jpg + archive.rar new.jpg

In the above command Original.jpg is any image in which we are going to embed archive.rar file.

Hide Images

If you open new.jpg with some picture viewer it will be a normal image, but when you open it with WinRAR for example it`ll show you the contents of archive.rar.
It will also work with different types of files.

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    • Abhijeet S. Jadhav

      Hello Rohit…. We Can make with the extension with .txt etc..

      QS12Setup (Quick Stago)
      SecretLayerSetup this is more softwares…. Free on net…

    • Kiran

      can we hide any data of larger file size behind an image using this technique?

    • Zainil

      I still remember the 9/11 attacks which took place in US, & where the terrorists had used the technique of steganography to send messages… Its from then that the technique of Steganography has become famous! 🙂

    • Dhiraj

      Hey hellbound bro,
      i jst wanted to ask relating to your stenography post that after embedding the file with a pic. when i tried to open the file with win rar and also with win zip its opening its sayin file is corrupt can u help me out.
      Awaiting your reply

    • ashwin

      Awesome information prateek. i knew the trick before. but Steganograhy is the new word for me.

    • Robin

      Ya you are correct that any technology plays its significant role only when it is properly used for a positive cause . Such kind of technologies will be easy welcomed by the people. As well this post shows the brain behind the data hiding now that everyone is aware abut that 🙂

    • Senthil Ramesh

      Good info man. Good to see that you try something different that is more useful 🙂

    • Cyber World

      Cryptography is widely used to send viruses… not sure about Steganography….. anyways thanks for the trick….

    • Bishwajeet

      Heard the term for it for the first time

    • Namit @ theitechblog

      Awesome trick mate. Will surely try this.

    • Rohit | Ipod Touch 4G

      Nice trick..but i have a question can we hide our file in any other filetype like TEXT, WAVE etc..using this command??..

      there’s also a free utility which i used a long time ago called ImageHide..dat does the same thing..thanks for sharing..

      • prateek

        hi rohit,
        i dn believe in using free utilities as far as this topic is concerned. Because many time it tends to happen that using a free utility enables in attaching 3rd party files in which we are not involved. and This trick is only for images.

        • Rohit | Ipod Touch 4G

          Actually Prateek it did work for TXT file also but when you open up the new txt file in the end of file you see some scrambled words..otherwise this command did work for’s the commend:

          “copy /B 1.txt + Blogs.rar new.txt”

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