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How To Start a Blog and Make Money Online


People can find everything on the internet. This is the reason why the internet is very popular among the people of different ages. People look for various information, buy goods and simply amuse themselves using it. Some years ago, everybody understood that if they can spare money on the internet then it means that they also can earn there. The most enterprising of them created a webpage for their business and started earning on internet sales. Those who do not have their own business can start it in virtual reality and earn money there. One of the most popular ways of getting benefits of internet activity is to earn money from blogging.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online

After making the strong decision to start doing it you must find as much as possible information on topic how to create a blog and earn money. There are many sources of information from successful bloggers where you can find something like step-by-step instruction about the way of making interesting, amusing, useful, and, what is important, earning money blogs. To make your blog the best one it will not be superfluous to read all this information and make your own conclusions about making money online.

Choose a topic

Before creating your personal webpage the first thing you need to do is to choose the best theme for it. It must be interesting primarily for you because if it is not so then you cannot fill blog with useful and readable content. If you’ve decided what theme will be proper both for you and your followers then it’s a high time to create new blog for free. There are a lot of free of charge domains where you can create your webpage. Usually, experienced bloggers advice to choose such domains as or to start with. Or you can get domain for free.

Add the content

Ok, you’ve created a new personal website: got your domain name, choose the theme for its content. Then it’s a high time to fill it with articles and other video and photo materials. Of course, it will be better to write them by yourself but if you do not have time for it or simply do not want to spare your life on writing these content you can hire authors on the internet. Just make a request in any searching system: “write my essay for me” and find plenty of writers. Notice, that if you ‘re using for your account the articles created by others, not by yourself, then check each of it attentively before posting on your personal website.

Do not expect fast success in blogging. You’ll need a lot of time to make your blog popular: from day to day it must be filled with qualitative content. Post articles for people, not for earnings.

Where’s the profit?

After reading all this information you will ask: “When and how will I get my profit?” It is quite a fair question. This is the answer: You will earn money on personal website only after it is popular enough. It means that you need to have more than five hundreds of visitors daily on your website. It mostly takes from six months to one year to gain such number of daily visitors. It is the recipe for success for a blog that earns money. If you already have such number of followers every day, then start earning by placing different advertising on a webpage.


Be sure – if your blog is popular advertisers will find you. There are six main ways to earn money on advertising: Pay-Per-Click (paying for each click on advertising), Pay-Per-Impression (paying for opening the page with advertisement), Pay-Per-Action (paying for definite action with advertisement, for example for selling operation), Affiliate Adds (paying for placing advertisement in your blog), Direct Adds (buying advertising space in the blog), and Text-Link-Adds (or Text Link Brokers).

Now you know the most widespread ways of earning on having a personal website, so if you have not changed your mind then please be patient and start earning online!


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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