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Your Spelling And Grammar Mistakes Affect SEO?


We are back with another interesting question; I got an email from a friend who was curious whether his Spelling and Grammar mistakes affect SEO of his blog. He is a passionate blogger, but he typically makes some silly Grammatical, Punctuation, and Spelling mistakes like us. Though his question was an interesting one, I already know the more or less satisfying answer to that. The question he asked:

Macha, it takes time for me to read the posts or proofread it properly before publishing, wondering whether my Grammatical mistakes will affect my blog’s SEO.

It’s a genuine question, and he is a curious friend. Let’s see whether it will have any impact on his blog’s search rankings.

Your Spelling And Grammar Mistakes Affect SEO

Spelling And Grammar Mistakes Affect SEO Or Not

Consider your blog (or blog post) as your semester exam paper. You learned a lot; you prepared a lot and have finally written your examination very well. And you are sure you’ll pass this exam and come out with flying colors.


9 Blogging Blunders A Blogger Should NOT Make (Check Out #2 Point)

Now, the teachers who correct your exam paper, will read your answers and see whether it is relevant to the question, or whether it solves any problem. Unless it is your English exam paper, your teacher won’t give much preference (most of the time) about your Grammatical or Spelling mistakes. Even they don’t care about how lovely your handwriting looks. They just see whether your answer is correct, whether it is detailed and informative. According to this, your teacher will correct your paper and give marks (out of 100 or something). This is what Google usually does.

At this moment, Google doesn’t care much about your Grammatical skills, they just see your blog’s and your blog’s post quality content. If you are going to write something like this “HellBound Bloggers [HBB) is web magazine cavering topic like Blogging, making Money Onlive Social Mdia, SEO. Internet Marketing and much more” somewhere in your blog post, then maybe your keywords strategy could be affected, but apart from that, this won’t really affect the core SEO of the blog post.

Great! Now I Don’t Need To Worry, Right?

WRONG! There are two reasons for this:

1) Google might consider this as a core ranking factor in their next future update. We don’t have any control over this, as of now, we just have to follow their guidelines to rank well.

2) The same teacher who sees your exam paper with the correct answers in Good Handwriting and Good English Grammar without any Punctuation or Spelling Mistakes, then the chances are high that she/he will give more good marks. Your teacher will be impressed with the way you are dedicated to answering the question. Now, tell me which is better? To fix your Grammar and Spelling mistakes or avoid them?


Check out ‘Grammarly’ – FREE Grammar + Spelling + Plagiarism Checker Tool

It doesn’t really matter whether your Spelling and Grammar mistakes affect SEO or not, just be clear and publish quality articles. It’s better and wise to write “Grammar” instead of “Grammy”. Feel free to let us know your views in the comments below.


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    • Amyt Dev

      I have been keeping a track of my subordinates over a period of time & I have noticed that few of them has serious grammatical problem. I guess I have take into account that it is effecting the SEO as you said in this article. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • ApNewsCorNer

      How about news sites, is google really consider grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes in news and entertainment websites?

      But as per my knowledge Readers definitely observe the mistakes and they will surly hate the site.

      Anyway i used Grammarly tool for check mistakes.

    • Anuradha Chawla

      Interesting post. If your site is unreadable due to poor grammar it’s going to hurt your rankings as your user metrics will take a huge hit. Visitors will leave your site sooner and won’t come back as they will go else where for the information.
      The single spelling mistake change the whole sentence badly and definitely ranking can be effect in negative way.
      Grammarly is a good tool which proof read all your articles.

    • Kewal Dubey

      I think spelling mistakes affect SEO more if we make mistakes in the targeted keywords. Also, it will affect keyword density.

    • Aditi Shah

      Whether it affects to SEO or not is a secondary point. Readers definitely observe it and may doubting the overall content itself. It’s always better to proofread your article before publishing. Grammarly also helps here.

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