SmartTouch Boss – an app that helps to control the dynamics of sales

SmartTouch Boss is an app that helps you control the dynamics of sales, as well as view analytical data depending on the time period in question. Using this service will come in handy when you own or manage a restaurant, a cafe or any other place where you sell goods. 

SmartTouch Boss – An App That Helps To Control The Dynamics Of Sales

The app is free and you can download it either from App Store or Google Play. Surely, the service has a web browser version as well. Yet, using your phone to check the sales report is much simpler as the administrator of a restaurant or a cafe can do it everywhere, even on their way to work. The app offers real-time statistic data, detailed reports in regards to a chosen period of time, as well as sends a notification in case there is a problem or a technical bug. 

Here are some features SmartTouch Boss offers: a variety of languages to choose from; real-time statistics that is available 24/7; an option to monitor personnel suspicious activity (if any), the option to view a report for a the last hour, day, week, month or any other required period of time, as well as the option to control the orders. There is absolutely nothing difficult when it comes to figuring out how to use SmartTouch Boss. You are merely required to sign in using your login information and to start checking the data you need. In case you are a new user, the registration process will take only a couple of minutes as there are only a few simple steps to follow. 

Apps like SmartTouch Boos are aimed at making the lives of cafe staff much simpler. Viewing reports, orders and various sales information has never been easier. What is more, such services save a lot of time which presupposes that the administration can focus more on improving the service and the menu in order to make their customers happy every single time they visit the restaurant. Download the app, try using it and you will see how efficient the work of your cafe and restaurant can be when you start making use of additional tools and resources. 

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