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5 Simple Ways To Make Your Blog Addictive


Blogging is a hobby for few and it is life for many. The main thing you must know in blogging is to attract each and every visitor and make them your reader. It is a must to do if you do blogging as a hobby or for life. Who is a visitor? A visitor is someone who comes to your blog for the first time through any referrals or through search engines or through any means. Who is a reader? A reader is someone who visits your blog daily or hourly for reading some new good things. It is not easy to convert your visitors to readers but it is not that much hard as well. Following some simple things and implementing the same can help a lot in achieving it. Here are some simple 5 ways to convert your blog visitor to a reader and make them addictive.

Blogging Addiction

#1 – Plan your content :

The first and main thing you must take care is the content of your blog. Always remember one thing that you are writing for your readers and not for the spiders. You must have a damn good and useful content to get it done for you. Without a good content it is not possible to convert even if you follow 600 ways. Content is the king as always said.

When you are giving good contents then the visitors will stay in your blog for more time which can convert in good ratios. Do keep in mind that a planned content posting will always help you rather than posting it without any order. I mean post one or two articles daily and it is well and good if you can post more. This will create an impression to your visitors that this blog is getting updated twice a day with good contents. Chances are more for bookmarking your blog.

#2 – Encourage Commentators :

This is the second best thing you must do. Encourage your commentators by sending them a Thanks e-mail for posting the comments and ask them to visit again. Also keep a Top commentator widget on the sidebars or footers to show your visitors that some activities are going on always. Also conduct “Top Commentators Of The Month” contest and allocate ad slots for them in the sidebar. You will get good flow of comments if you make your blog a do follow one but of course never encourage keywords usage. That will make your blog look spammy.

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#3 – Have Regular Giveaways :

This can get you loads of new readers for sure. Make a habit of giving some giveaways regularly but not too regularly. You can plan it accordingly as per the $ in your pocket. Make sure that you place these giveaways visible to all clean and clear, this can attract them easily. You can conduct competitions like tweet the post or post comments or facebook share etc. Do not forget to post about the winner of the competition because that will show that you are loyal in giving away.

#4 – E-mail your readers :

Whenever you post something really useful and if you think that it will be useful to your readers also then shoot out a mail to them. It can be something like a killer post or a pillar post etc. Make sure that the mails are not spam and not sent too often because this may create a bad impression on your blog.

#5 – Make your blog interactive :

A blog must be always an interactive one so try to make your blog as much as possible. Try to posts articles which can invoke your visitors and make them participate in that. It can be anything like a voting post or thoughts sharing post or anything which can make the blog live.

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Praveen Sivaraman is the Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Techperk. An Engineering Graduate with a passion for technology, a knack for writing and most importantly addicted to Blogging. Catch him on Twitter. His recent shares are collections of google chrome plugins and 2 ways to create custom google chrome themes.

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